Anyone thinking of whether to get a Rebecca Minkoff or not?

  1. I think the morning after bag is realli pretty and i am looking at the black , dark grey or the blue one....
    i havent made up my mind yet but the sample sale is tempting me to no ends....
    anyone of you still thinking or have already bought it?
    i dunno whether to get it or not!

    also, i read in another thread that a seperate strap can be bought?
    any comments?

    ps, i think the martinee is very cute too.

  2. I am in the same boat as to still thinking. I am asking if I really need a bag and whether I am convincing myself I really want one just because of the price. I have a tendency to do that. I really like the matinee, but thought that the prices would be a little lower...

    Also, I am concerned about the drop on the matinee, because I'd want to carry it on my shoulder. I like the matinee in the dark gray and the blue w/ gray. Now that you can order online it is even more tempting!

    On the MA, I read that a strap could be purchased also if you call. I can't remember who posted that though.
  3. Ugh, I didn't think :shrugs:I just did.... I had planned to get the date clutch anyway and the price was great on it ($125), but then I ended up also getting the MA Mini in Elephant. I thought I wouldn't succumb to the madness.....I was so wrong...
  4. hello fellow boat-mate :graucho:
    i keep thinking if i need another bag too.
    The matinee looks really good too!
    and i know what you mean... the prices are realli rather attractive , considering the 200 price diff!!

    i'm sorry i cant hel you about the drop cos i've never tried it before.

    its gonna be perfect if a strap can be added.... hmm

  5. I already have a Morning After mini, so I'm all set.

    Although a grey or elephant Matinee is tempting, I'm not loving it enough to buy it yet.
  6. I am 5'2 size 14 and I can fit the Matinee on my shoulder with no problem! I mean it looks kinda odd because of the shape IMO but you know it fits...
    SO you ladies should have NO PROBLEM!!! :yes:
  7. I carry my matinee on my shoulder all the time and it's very comfortable!
  8. I haven't bougt anything yet though I may get the cosmetic bag? I went to Nordstrom and "tried a few on" but nothing really grabbed my attention.
  9. I soooooo want a grey Matinee. Saw this bag in person and it's delicious. Too bad I can't afford to spend that much right now!
  10. Me me! I am deciding between a RM morning after or a Balenciaga City. So tempted to get the RM cos it's like half the price of the bbag! But I really need it to be lasting cos it will be my everyday bag.
  11. I'll buy one next January when dh is in the US so he can bring a mini in grey with silver hardware back with him. Unfortunately they aren't available here so I have to wait and probably pay full price for it but I'm willing to do so because I just love this bag!
  12. I got the Morning After in Black w/ silver hardware yesterday. I am debating on whether I should get the mini nikki in blue. I don't need it but since when has "need" ever been a factor when purchasing a new bag.
  13. LOL - I know what you mean! I ordered a Mini yesterday, and am now wondering if I should also get a MA in Blue. I love that color, too! I am hoping someone here will say they are all sold out so I can stop thinking about it! :shame:
  14. I can’t decide between the Matinee (glazed espresso) and the Nikki (blue).
    Decisions, decisions…

    Any thoughts?
  15. Hmmm, I'd get the Glazed Espresso Matinee over the Blue Nikki. But if it were up to me, I'd get both hehe! I really over did it with the Sample Sale :sweatdrop:. I ordered the Glazed Almond Matinee on Monday and then just emailed RM now to order the Morning After Mini in Blue, Tomato, and the Glazed Espresso Nikki. Yikes!! lol...