Anyone thinking Fall 2012 yet?

  1. *sigh* I am so over this scorching hot weather as well. All I need is a pair of leather pants, chunky knit sweaters, boots, and a cup of hot chocolate and I will be content.
  2. LOL LOVED your post so how im feeling at the mo too... cant wait to wrap up again and cosy up in fur!
  3. Adore your list so far sounds so me!
  4. Love your collage! I might have to copy your idea... :p

    Tell me about it! It has been over 100 degrees every day for the last 2 weeks and my most recent purchases are SO FALL! I'm on a boot and leather jacket kick for some reason...

    My recent purchases...
    Chloe Susanna.png R13 Leather Moto 1.jpg Henshaw Boots.jpg
  5. Love everything you have bought!
  6. Thank you!
  7. The jacket is lovely
  8. Are any of you ladies into the collar necklace this fall?
  9. I am! I bought the amrita singh collar necklace that extrapetite has. I'm also lusting after an Aztec style turquoise collar necklace that I might attempt to DIY...

    How are you planning to style it?
  10. I'm really liking the look of a flowy button up, boyfriend cadi, skinnies, and a great pair of booties. How are you styling yours? Asos has some really nice ones
  11. I've been doing a lot of fall shopping. So far I've bought a leather jacket, leather leggings, a wool/cashmere blend coat (for winter), and some scarves. I still want to get some sweaters and a blazer.
  12. I just ordered one from Anthropologie! I have a couple of vintage ones that I used to wear, but the clasps are delicate and I'm afraid they will just fall off.
  13. Oh I would love to see pics. Vintage sounds really nice. I'm certainly going to try this for fall.
  14. Fall and winter are MY seasons!! Sadly, I live in Texas... And pre-fall is a tortuous tease for me... I loathe the climate here so much, that it's absurd...nonetheless, I still love love to shop and dress for fall... I need absolutely nothing, and have gotten to the point where my wardrobe is so complete, that it's hard to really even want anything these days... However, I have already bought the following fall items over the past month:
    Chanel 12A Red Jumbo
    Isabel Marant Dicker boot in Camel
    J Brand Skinny cords in Moss
    Paige Skyline Skinny in caramel
    Vince boat neck sweater in Henna
    current/elliott the perfect shirt (denim)
    Vince navy l/s knit sweatshirt
    I am still contemplating the IM Cady leather jacket in the bronze/olive... I may get it this week...
    I guess I am on the lookout for:
    Any fabulous sweater that catches my eye and is not duplicitous of my vast sweater collection
    Forest or olive green corduroy jeans
    Mustard corduroy jeans
    Fabulous smoking slippers that are NOT black... I love the quilted Chanel's but do not want black... Thinking I may get the patent burgundy Chanel smoking slippers as last resort... But still waiting for something else to thrill me.
    Hermes rivale bracelet, maybe olive or red or navy or plum or mustard or all of those colors in various H bracelets.
    Other than that, nothing in particular...I could go 3 falls and not wear the same thing twice at this point... My goal is to enjoy and wear the glorious wardrobe that I already love and cherish... I work from home, and need desperately to enjoy my stuff more.