Anyone thinking Fall 2012 yet?

  1. Haha, I see that you live in the UK. I live in the Netherlands, I guess that the weather in the netherlands is almost the same as UK.

    I'm glad we have the same thought about winter fashion :biggrin:. Fall/winter is also my favourite season when it comes to fashion.
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    Me! It seems like a lot of great pre-fall stuff came out early this year, so I've been planning my fall purchases too. Plus this year I am trying to do more of a curated wardrobe shop, so I've been looking online and being more selective. I have picked up an Etoile Isabel Marant jacket and an IRO jacket. I'm not sure what else I will get, but they have to be investment-worthy! I will probably pick up a Helmut Lang piece like a sweater, maybe another IM jacket, and maybe a silk Equipment blouse. I am also still searching for the ultimate breton stripe top.
  3. Here's a collage I made of my fall 2012 wish list.
  4. Funny your first three are on my list as well
  5. I too am loving all the red for favorite color, my favorite season!

    My wish list:
    1. Tall black riding boots
    2. Tailored mid weight wool coat in a bright color (red?)
    3. Black loafers with a medium chunky heel
    4. Wool peplum dress
    5. Fitted tweed or heavy knit jacket

    So much fun to make a list and then go hunting! The hunt is honestly more fun than the acquisition! :smile:
  6. Fun thread! And love the collage that was made.

    1. Leather pants or leggings
    2. Some chunky over the knee socks. Maybe marled knits
    3. Nice bracelet. I do like the Hermes CDC too but I think it's a bit out of budget.

    I don't need a new coat since I have tons but I'm listing after this electric blue one from Maje.
  7. Yes! Except I wish I could stop thinking about Fall/Winter already, lol. So many great things are out for F/W already and it's burning hot here in SoCal. I'm trying to be patient but it feels like all the items I want are selling out FAST and I hate that kind of pressure. I rarely want anything from the Spring/Summer collections though... So I guess it balances out buying so many things the second half of the year.

    I'm also looking for the perfect striped shirt/sweater. I've spotted two that are perfect but haven't pulled the trigger yet as I'm focusing on some of the items that have a tendency to sell out. Primarily I'm craving an IRO jacket, an IM jacket, ballerina flats, and a pair of black ankle boots, along with the Breton shirt! Actually my list is much longer, but I'm trying hard to prioritize.
  8. I am loving everything for Fall 2012-there is so much I want! I am trying to whittle down my list to the essentials. I've already bought a pair of knee high See by Chloe boots.
    1. several pairs of jeans
    2. long sleeved tees
    3. navy sweater
    4. silk blouses in cream and navy
    5. blazer and a leather jacket
    6. a pair of pants for evening
    7. neutral tote
    8. ankle boots, pointy pumps, fun pair of colored velvet or suede shoes

    I tend to buy too many dresses/evening looks and not enough separates so I'm going to try to avoid that this fall. Although I may add a cool clutch and something amazing to wear for my "big" birthday this fall!
  9. Yes yes yes.

    At work currently on hold I have...

    2. Muuba leather jackets
    1. Rabbit fur vest
    1. Free people sweater
    1. Pair of knee high boots
  10. I love this! I pin my favorites to a board on pinterest. Sometimes it helps me decide on something just based on how well it fits into y overall look.
  11. Thanks! I use pinterest for this purpose too, but making this collage (using a free app on my ipad) really helped me to see everything together!
  12. Ooh do you have links to your perfect breton shirts? My wants are pretty specific (can't be too oversized, can't be too thick, has to be cream not white, the collar has to be a nice boatneck and not too high, and the stripes have to start at mid-chest, not the top of the shirt). If I don't find anything, I have a Vince sweater with silver stripes from last season that is perfect except I wish it had black stripes.
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    How about this one? :biggrin: Sounds like everything you are looking for!

    and then NAP has the same one but darker:

    I haven't gone for it yet so I can't say how the sizing runs or comfort or softness. I think just being so unfamiliar with this brand I have not ordered! But I can't stop thinking about it!! :biggrin:

    And the other perfect one was a Organic by John Patrick breton shirt that was possibly even more perfect than the one above but it was FINAL SALE and I just can't make myself click on something that's final sale. Just checked and it's actually gone... :\ So much for that! lol.
  14. Ooh this one is almost perfect except for the little buttons on the shoulder - not crazy about those but otherwise it's completely ideal (at least on the model). I like both colourways but have never ordered from Matches before. Yes I think I know which John Patrick one you were talking about, except didn't it have sort of a pointelle top part (above the stripes)? I didn't buy it for that reason, if it's the same top I'm thinking of.
  15. Yes! I actually loved the perforation at the top! The only thing was the red FINAL SALE on a brand I've never tried on. To me it was perfect. :smile: especially the organic cotton. But I'm not going to dwell too much on it being gone because Breton tops will always be around. I'd rather make my move on something that's still classic but might sell out and then just never come back! Lol.