Anyone thinking Fall 2012 yet?

  1. I start thinking about AW the Febuary before cos of all the AW fashion shows. I find Summer so difficult, happily like others on this thread there has been virtually no Summer for us anyway this year.

    My only 'problem' is, there isnt much I need

    I certainly don't need anymore fur (it's costing me close to 1K just for cleaning and Summer storage this year) or boots (fur-lined Land boots from H have yet to be worn-in from last year) or Hermes (well there is always room for one more silk ;)) Don't need any more tweed, cashmere, leather or hats although none of that might actually stop me.

    My wish list this year is pretty short:

    1. Croc belt in a colour I dont have already, to be worn with everything

    2. Large, soft, smoochy bag from Valextra (forget the smoochy with Valextra) , BV or Gucci

    3. Gloves from Sermoneta (perhaps the iPhone ones with pockets on the top)

    4 Black suede wedge ankle boots and/or low bikers for replacements of trusty faithfuls

    5 maybe one or two more cash/silk scarves in PERFECT colours :angel:

    BTW there is a DIY fur collar thread in the Hermes Forum. You don't need to buy new fur if price is an issue (which all seem to originate from the Far East anyway) furriers will sell you pieces from remodelling at very reasonable rates and the quality and size will be a lot better than some battery-fox fed on chicken food. Loro Piana make fabulous cashmere scarves and shawls with fur and Gucci have some very pretty silk with fur for next AW for those who are not on such a tight budget.
  2. Tory burch boots... So beautiful but so unmanageable. The shaft fits fine.... Try getting your actual feet out of them! My roommate used to have to pull them off of me, next month is going on eBay smh
  3. You all seem to be so good with having a very specific list! I've finally come up with a list, but it isn't nearly as specific.

    1. Blazers/jackets (I just ordered two Boy by Band of Outsiders so we will see how they fit)

    2. Cashmere sweaters in colors I don't have

    3. Short/moto boots

    4. Scarf

    5. A nice coat (all of mine are rather inexpensive/lowerish quality)

    6. Cardigans

    7. Brown leather bag

    I'm sure I will come up with more...I always do.
  4. OMG... have you all seen max mara studio FW collection... telling you all now those lists will need rethinking....everything is just YUM!!! Cant wait for Ralph Lauren either!
  5. Thank you. I can't wait for temps to drop, but I have to wait another 3 months!
  6. AHHH me too...I'm just not sure if I want the flat or the heeled version...!! Decisions decisions
  7. I absolutely LOVE your boots!!!
  8. I'm loving all things red for the fall...
  9. Me too!

    I can't wait for fall. I love blazers, scarves, boots, and sweaters. I'm so sick of heat and humidity!
  10. I don't really have summer in Seattle. Yesterday was windy and 60F weather so I wear tweed blazer. I stop buying summer clothes.
  11. I love a black CDC with PH-edgy chic! The Rivale bracelet you mentioned is also very pretty.

    I'm a total newbie when it comes to E-bay...don't mind a pre-owned just as the condition is fine. My favourite ones are vintage in croc and gator. Hopefully I will be able to find one when I'm going to Europe for summer holiday.
  12. I got my CDC in duty free in Rome! Croc and gator are fabulous and I really wanted one but honestly now I really love my leather one because it can dress up or down more easily. Unfortunatley, I'm not usually dressed for croc. :p

    I need to try on the rivale in person, we'll see.
  13. Yes, I loove fall/winter fashion! I usually don't buy much summer clothes, I prefer to save the money to splurge on winter clothes.

    Also this year the place where I live didn't really had hot summer days, more like cold and rainy days. So didn't got much chances to wear my summer clothes.
  14. Of course. Here are some things I would like:
    1. Black leather pants
    2. Black loafers (with a small heel not the flat ones)
    3. Black leather jacket
    4. Camouflage tote bag or backpack
    5. Hot pink beenie hat
  15. You sound like you live in the same place as me! LOL and our minds are defo in the same place when it comes to savingg for a winter clothes splurge this year!