Anyone think of doing a big closet cleansing (only a few high quality items)?


May 31, 2006
I've been thinking of doing a big cleanse of things I own. There are little no-brand accessories that haven't held up very well, cheap jewelry, and poor quality clothes I've accumulated over the years and have kept, but now I'm thinking of only keeping a few key and high quality pieces (kind of like this article I read about French women's wardrobes :biggrin:). For example, I'd rather have three really nice shirts over thirty shirts that have pilled after one wash. I just feel like simplifying everything so I know exactly what I have, even though they make up fewer outfits, and nothing just sits in the closet unused. Has anyone done this?


Mar 30, 2009
Bay Area
I have because I have too many t-shirts in my closet, but I have found that selling used clothes is harder on eBay and I'd rather pass it on to someone that really wants it or will grow into it. I never give away clothing with holes though.... That's just a no-no.


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May 2, 2006
For me, it's never worth it to sell most of my items. I've tried doing it before, and I'd re-list and re-list and I'd always be out the selling fees, but never had someone buy the item before. Now I basically just donate everything to goodwill, or give it away to a friend/sister if it's something that I think they'd want. I tend to purge my closet about once a year, and started doing this several years ago because I was in the same frame of mind OP. I got sick of buying t-shirts that stretched in the wash from Old Navy, Gap, etc and started trying to buy nicer things so that I didn't feel like I was just throwing my money away. If you think the item might sell, I'd throw it up on bonanza since the listing can sit there as long as you want it to, but you won't pay the fees until it actually does sell. Much cheaper than ebay!
Apr 15, 2009
I dream of the day I can do the "only high quality pieces" closet :smile: I need many cheap clothes (mostly from thrift stores) because I ruin my clothes in my job. A $400 cashmere sweater gets wrecked just as quickly as a $5 second-hand fleece top. I wore a cashmere sweater today, and a cat grabbed my cashmere-clad arm with all four paws (claws out), a good reminder of why I wear cr*p.

Not long ago I decided to purge everything that I didn't really like in my cheap work wardrobe. Humph -- in about a week I was back buying cheapo t-shirts because I'd ruined a bunch.

Good luck if you decide to do this -- "simplify" is such a wonderful thing! I did do that with my "vacation wardrobe" -- all I have left are nice items that I enjoy wearing.
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Jul 15, 2007
I did it once, a few years ago when I really got into designer/midrange clothing. I've given away everything that wasn't quality/high end. My wardrobe was almost empty at the end of it.
Well, I cannot do it again now as almost everything I have has a special place in my wardrobe/heart.

Just do it, give away everything you don't absolutely love. It's such a great feeling.


Jan 9, 2006
Staten Island, New York
I did last year, got rid of 6 bags of clothes!! I need to do it again, I bought some new tops and jeans this year, and I have no room in my closet. I just go through everything, I buy low endish stuff, but it lasts for years. I usually give things away to charity, but I have a lot of concert t-shirts that I try to sell on LiveJournal, I'm about to post them for a 2nd time and if they don't sell, I'll donate them.


Feb 17, 2008
I did it this past year too. I had to as I lost 43 lbs. and none of my clothes fit. I have been replacing them with much better quality as my savings account can attest, lol. Still it feels great to look in your closet and just see clothes that you love and want to wear.


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Sep 24, 2010
New York
I'm going to be doing a thorough closet cleaning soon. I'm almost back into my nice "skinny" clothes, and it is time to get rid of the larger sizes, and obsolete styles. It will take me a while, so I procrastinate starting it. I guess I should just go up and jump in. I need to make more handbag room anyway. Maybe I'll take before and after pictures. It's on my list of things to do after the new year, but I said the same thing last year. I hate cleaning out my closet. And it is a mess to boot.


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Nov 18, 2010
I'm gonna have to do one in the next few months when I reach my goal weigh *crosses fingers* and I am not looking forward to it. I love my fat clothes but it wouldn't make a bit of sense to try to have them altered. I'll probably have a garage sale or try to figure out how to do eBay and sell them as lots instead of listing each piece individually, or something like that.
Jan 22, 2008
I have been replacing a lot of my wardrobe because I lost some weight and I am trying to do the same thing. I have been trying to resist the urge to just buy a cute sweater or coat because it is on sale and really think about my purchases and get stuff that works for me. I also have a new rule where if I pull something out to wear it and I don't wear it because it fits weird or looks ugly, I get rid of it (If I don't wear it because it is not occasion appropriate or weather appropriate I keep it, obviously). It has been really liberating, and I will only be left will pieces I actually want to wear.


Dec 19, 2008
i need to do this too! i've been browsing threads on closet cleaning/clothes purging and it's very motivating. :smile: i agree that having fewer clothing pieces that are high quality is better than many low quality pieces. i think this time of year is good to be donating so i'm planning to put together one bag to try consigning and another for goodwill.


Jan 23, 2010
I definitely will start cleaning my closet out when the New Year approaches after the holidays. I've been doing this for my bookshelf and I should be doing it for my make up as well. It depends on what clothing I will use and I do have a ton of logo t-shirts though I do wear them a lot because of school but school is over so I think I will give away to goodwill some of the clothes I do not wear anymore.


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Oct 23, 2008
i did this last year (dumped bags and bags of clothes, limited myself to higher end purchases) and i have to say, it's really satisfying being able to walk past all of my old favorite mall stores and not even feel the slightest temptation to walk in.

i go shopping with friends and they're like "why aren't you buying anything?! :confused1:" and i get to feel all frugal and unspendy...(so not true, hehe!)

and seriously, having fewer clothes (that for the most part all match - black, gray, olive green, brown, pops of neon color) makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier.


Jun 1, 2010
I love reading everyone's big closet cleaning stories!:biggrin: I do my own cleaning pretty much every 6 months and it is mainly clothing that is from about 2-3 years or older. I am really starting to buy more quality pieces, especially high-end accesories (H scarves; heels/flats, handbags) that will last me forever, and not as much "expensive, trendy" clothing. AS well, i am getting rid of more and more of my comfy clothing, such as sweats and hoodies, so that I feel more compelled to wear nice clothing all the time, even when I am at home. I think it is that overall feeling of lookign your best no matter what you are doing that gives every woman that "confidence" or french aura OP is talkign about!