Anyone tempted to boycott Chanel due to the price rises? What would be your new fix?

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  1. Well, all this talk of price rises has made me a little uncomfortable to say the least. I love Chanel, and it's not even the actual price rises, it's the principle! I can't believe how much the cost of a Jumbo will have increased by the end of the year :wtf:.

    So, I've been thinking about what could replace my Chanel purchases. Given the prices being thrown around post-increases I am considering putting my Chanel cash towards a Birkin instead.

    But for lower priced items Prada is tugging at my heart strings. There are many a collection from Prada that I have lusted over, but Chanel has always been my first love. Perhaps now is the time to test out my loyalty. These items have me drooling:




    So how are you feeling about your future loyalty to Chanel? Are round after round of price increases taking their toll on you? And what might be your new poison if you can't fathom shelling out the price being asked at Chanel?
  2. i think the price increases is ridiculous too, but i will still buy them because i like the designs.
    and i think it's not just chanel, all the high end designer bags have been sooo expensive lately.
    i like some of the prada bags too, but they're also as expensive and i think i still rather buy chanel than the prada
  3. I don't really see anything wrong with checking out other designers items. I am a chanel fan because chanel is soo classic. Pieces will be forever in style not to mention so well made. However, I love to collect from different designers. I would check out the other forums here. Even if you don't purchase something its nice to be familiar with other types of bags. I haven't been in the chanel forum for a while so not up on the price increase but if its a chanel you really want it won't be money wasted IMO. Pick the one bag you truly love and get that one.
  4. The other brands are having price increases as well. We just don't feel them as much. For example, LV raises by $90. Which, I don't think is so bad. As for Chanel, I think its getting a little retarded. I got my classic fix, and I don't really wear them, except my metallic reissue. The "trendy" bags I buy are priced as is, and thats it. They are what they are. I think raising the classics for such simple bags is retarded. But if there is a bag I simply must have, I am all over it. I will buy it. Chanel has definately raised my limit on bag buying, but I won't pay full price for a classic. I will wait until my friends get their double discount and have them pick it up for me. Other bags, I will spend the 2k-3k sometimes over. I also secretly indulge in Gucci and LV.
    Keep all options open to what the heart must have!!!
  5. I don't think I will be buying any more flaps at retail, thats for sure. I pretty much got a good collection going when I found out about the price increase and feel pretty satisfied with my Chanels.
  6. I am done SPENDING any new money on Chanels. I will only sell a bag to fund a bag at this point. I have spent WAY to much on bags this year alone.. Prices of ALL bags are crazy. I remember when I griped about paying over a thousand for a bag 7 years ago- now I have exceeded that 2 times.
    ARGH !!!!! Plus its a good thing nothing is really texting me to come pick her up- lol
  7. I am a fairly new convert to Chanel so I wasnt aware of how much cheaper Jumbos were before unfortunately. However, if I had purchased one, just one year ago, I would have had an incredibly hard time personally justifying why another one would be 1000 dollars more!
  8. i will still buy bc chanel is the only designer that really pulls at my:heart:.

    i will, however, try my darnest to make more timeless choices and less of them as i am very conscious of the increasing prices......:push::sweatdrop:
  9. After I buy a timeless clutch in white caviar, I'm going back to LV for a while.
    I love Chanel, but I just can't afford it with the price increases!
  10. I just recently got in to Chanel, so I will still be purchasing from them... however, it will take me much longer at this rate. Chanel is the only one I'm really into right now... before it was all about LV for me, but ever since I started buying Chanel recently... it's like an addiction, and that's all I want to purchase. :yes:
  11. I'm with jfhave. I have a nice collection of classics, e/w, and reissues so I don't feel the need/desire to purchase at the new price point. I would love to have a red bag but it's not a live or die factor, obviously.

    Am hoping the value of the dollar will rise in a future cycle of economics; prices should return to what we're used to seeing. Until then, I'll invest in stocks and earn rather than spend. (I urge you all to get out and vote in '08. If there is a change in policies, consumer confidence, the economy can be affected positively rather than negatively.)
  12. I am not one of those who will only buy Chanel (or some other brand.) I buy what I like. That said, I won't boycott Chanel. Simply put, I love their bags. If there is something I really want, I will pay for it.

    I would rather purchase 1 bag I love vs. 2+ less expensive bags that I like. I am not all that much of a Hermes fan so saving money for that doesn't appeal... and honestly, I don't feel as though I'm getting "enough" more to make that worth while if that makes sense.

    I don't like the increases (what consumer does?) but I'll still buy what I like.
  13. I have just started on Chanel last July. :pI don't own any classics but I have a lot seasonal ones. However the price for the new cruise collection is pretty high. :sad:So I would really think carefully now before bringing a bag home. Probably when I used to buy 2 Chanels per collection, I might be cutting down to 1 Chanel & maybe 1 LV. :shrugs: Over here in Singapore, we only have one Chanel boutique and there's hardly any discounts. Only the bags that don't make the mark gets marked down by 30%. :blah:
  14. I will not be buying any black classic flaps at full price. There are plenty of good deals online for them. Seasonal items I'll wait until sale. For the other colored classic flaps, I may buy one per year, if at all. Honestly, I'd rather get a birkin instead of two Chanel bags.
  15. I love Chanel, so I will stick with it. But I am very careful what I buy, and I also won't buy as many bags either. I remember when I bought my jumbo caviar for $1650 (not that long ago), and now it's $1000 more, to me that is just crazy. I can't buy another jumbo now for $1000 more, I just won't do it :sad:.

    I will get a purple reissue when it becomes available, but that's all I'm looking forward to now. None of the new bags are calling out to me. These increases were too much, too fast. I still love Chanel, but I see the brand as being greedy :hrmm:.

    I am always open to other brands of bags, as I do buy what I like. But with me it's like it's all or nothing. When I was into LV, it was only LV. Now it's Chanel, so it's only Chanel. I can't help it, it's just the way I am.

    However, I find that I have REALLY gotten into the costume jewelry from Chanel recently, I love the cute styles of earrings and necklaces. That is slowly becoming my new addiction :love: