Anyone tell me abt this Chanel??

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  1. what is the model name of this bag?
    what was it made of?
    and also which collection does it belong to?

    i couldnt find any reference abt this model but the seller is trustworthy for me somehow. so, i dont think i should authenticate it, do i? or if you guys can spot any signs of fake then pls tell me immediately. i have to pay for it by tomorrow.

    thanks a lot.

  2. Hi i haven't seen this bag in their 2007-2008 winter or fall collection...
  3. Thanks, vancleef fan. i couldnt find in those collections either. i guess it might belong to one of the earlier collections. but i still cannot find any information about this bag... *sigh*
  4. If this is real (it's impossible to tell based on only one picture), then this is a vintage bag, made from lambskin leather and not from any current collection.

    If you wanna know for sure if it's authentic, then you should post pictures of the Chanel trademark, the Made In, any interior zipper pulls, hologram sticker and authenticity card over at the authenticate this Chanel thread:
  5. ^ITA w/ everything Nat said.
    Lamb, probably vintage and get some pics into that thread! LOL!
  6. thank you guys soooo much!
    i will get more pics and post to the thread as you said =)