Anyone tall with an Alexa?

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  1. Hi, I am new to Mulberry, and I am 98% sure I want an Alexa as my first M-bag. I have been looking at all your lovely photos, but I am wondering if anyone tall has an Alexa (os or regular)... I am 5'9" (approx 176 cm) without shoes. I would love to see modelling pics on someone that is close to my height. I love the regular Alexa in pictures, but I am afraid that with my height it would look tiny. I live in a really small town in the US so there is no chance that I can see one in person before buying. I would appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks!
  2. I get the impression that Rachiem is tall and she has a regular ink alexa - will try to attach her photo if i can find it
  3. Thanks poppy! Is her pic in the big Alexa thread about the pros and cons?
  4. ^thanks!
  5. I hope Rachie does not mind me posting her pic - it is on the forum anyway and i think she looks fab with her gorgeous ink Alexa.
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    She does look fab! I am dying to get my hands on one. Just hope I can find one once payday rolls around!
  7. Good luck!!
  8. I'm 1.75 and tried both of them on, didn't find any of them too small :smile: I suppose Alexa Chung is quite high too? You could just look at photos of her with it!
  9. This on one bag that I think it really doesnt matter how tall you are, as the strap is so long, and the bag stays in proportion! Hope you find the perfect one!! :biggrin:
  10. Hi sorry I'm late to this.
    I'm just over 5 ft 7. I think because of the long strap, the regular size is fine on a taller person.
    I'm sorry to say that my Ink one has now gone to my SIL, the colour just didn't grab me but I am definately going to go for an Oak one (might leave it a couple of months though, so I get some use from my Oak Mitzy).
    The Alexa is such a great bag for me.
  11. Thanks everyone! Maybe I'll have to keep saving and get one of each... :thinking:
  12. The Mulberry catwalk is the place to look as well--number 423 Ratrat
  13. Hi Someday, I am 5ft 9 and I have tried on alexa in HoF and she looks absolutely fine on someone my height. Strap length is great on tall girls, fitted me very comfortably. Tbh, I fell in love. She went straight on my wishlist as 'my princess bag'!! I kept thinking about her, so much so that I went and ordered a bargin Oak Leopard Alexa from My Wardrobe, lol. I hope you find the perfect alexa for you xx
  14. Hi, sorry I'm late to this thread. I have an OS oak leopard alexa and it is the perfect size for me - I'm 5'10. I wear it on the 2nd to last hole on the shoulder strap and it sits really well. I'm sure the straps are the same on the regular so i'm sure it will look great on you!