Anyone take the GMAT?

  1. I plan on taking the GMAT this summer or sometime early fall. Any recommendations on how to prepare for it. Should I take a seminar? Buy a book to help prepare? Or does anyone else have other suggestions?
  2. If you can afford it, taking a class would be a great tool. I bought a book and tried to study on my own, but always found reasons not to do it. Then I took a Kaplan class and it was really good - it forces you to do the homework and answer questions openly in class; they also give you great tips on how to not waste your time during the test and maximize your score. As long as you put in the time to study hard you should do fine. Good luck!
  3. I took the GMAT, and before hand I took the Princeton Review prep was SO worth it!!!!

    My work paid for it at the time, but I remember thinking I would have paid for it myself had I known ahead of time that it would be so helpful.

    Also, you schedule to take the GMAT shortly after the prep class is scheduled to end. I scheduled mine about a month after, and you start to forget some of the techniques they teach you.
  4. i took the Kaplan classes it was just too hard...maybe i just wasn't focused on it. i didn't even take the practice test. i don't think grad school is for me.

    just study study study...and take those classes they'll really help you.

    good luck!
  5. i did not take the gmat. But I remember my mom studying for gmat and remember her saying that it was pretty easy.
  6. Thanks for the great tips, ladies! I want to do GMAT and right now am rather *lost* :tup:
  7. my niece just took it 2x. says the princeton review book is the best. she's glad she didn't spend the big $$$ on the class.... and she got into the mba program of her choice for this fall!.
  8. ^ that's awesome! if you don't mind me asking, where's she heading to in the fall? Did she have significant work experience when she applied?
  9. old dominion university in norfolk va. she just graduated undergrad with a business and a psych degree. she has been working in the IT dept there the past few years.
  10. I spent a lot of money for the GMAT prep in the princeton review classes it does not worth it. because the method of teaching is to assume that u know everyting in math and just they give you some techniques.
    Again i went for KAPLAN classes it was greate where i learned operations from A to Z.

    My exam will be on 28th i hope to get high score.
  11. I'm studying right now for that test too!! I'm actually looking into test masters classes, because I've heard lots of good things about them from friends. Everyone tells me to not take the kaplan test courses...becuz its a waste of money.
  12. i took the gmat a while ago (went to grad school in 2001), but i studied for it on my own. I purchased several study guides- I want to say that I thought the princeton review book was better than the kaplan book. The best thing to do is to purchase old tests from the gmac site and time yourself. If you don't score as well as you'd like, you can sign up for a prep course although I don't think it's necessary. Do you know which schools you're applying to? I had a great experience in b-school and am glad I went. Good luck!

  13. im studying for it now...thinking of taking a manhattan gmat course
  14. ^^I took Manhattan GMAT, it was very well worth it! From what I have heard about Princeton/Kaplan, Manhattan GMAT is MUCH better. Pricier but better.