Anyone take Ballroom Dance Type Classes?


Jul 31, 2007
Sunny California!
SUch as tango, salsa, etc?

Me and my bf are looking into taking a class, but I dont know which specific one we should take! I've seen a lot at dancing with the stars that looked really cool, but sadly don't remember any...btw we are both beginners!! lol


Jun 18, 2007
yep! I took ballroom dance as a class in college! It was so much fun...we learned the swing, foxtrot, rumba, waltz, tango, merengue, and the cha-cha. My favorite fast, upbeat dances are the swing, tango and the cha-cha. The swing and cha-cha are just fun dances, the tango was more sensual and angry lol! My favorite slow dance was the waltz, it was very relaxing. I was a beginner to the ballroom dance scene but had taken ballet for 13 years so that helped me a lot. The way the instructors taught our class made it easy to learn; you just learn it in small parts moving on to the next when you've got the first parts down. There were lots of beginners to the dance scene in general that picked it up fine! I would definitely recommend taking lessons! You and your BF will have a great time!:tup:


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Nov 13, 2006
California, USA
My dad is taking ballroom dancing classes at the local community college. He really enjoys it; last year he was able to drag my mom to it. But it's not really her thing. :P


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Sep 15, 2006
I took a ton of them a few years back. Foxtrot, Waltz, Rhumba (sp?) Salsa, CW (two step + polka). I would recommend that you take classes that one can actually use (i.e. you may not be doing the Foxtrot too often but there are lots of latin clubs around. :yes:) Salsa & merengue are a TON of fun (merengue slightly easier imho). CW is also a good time - even if you don't like the music too much. I guarantee it will grow on you. :biggrin:

Anyhow - something interesting to note (and I hope I remember this correctly!) Foxtrot is actually the same foot pattern as two step. So once you know one it is very easy to learn the other. Polka (cw version) matches up to waltz.. etc.

Ok.. that is all my feeble mind remembers.. I'm going to have to drag df out for a few lessons...

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Oct 22, 2006
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Oh yes, joined up with my teenage daughter last Autumn and have been learning beginner ballroom and latin ever since - such fun and hard work too. I haven't graduated to fake tan and sequins yet though, it is just a way of having a ball with my daughter.