Tech Anyone switch to Droid from Blackberry?

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  1. Time for an upgrade and I'm thinking about getting either the Droid X or Droid 2. My DH thinks it would be a mistake, but doesn't give me a reason :confused1: The most important feature for me on Blackberry is the email notification, so this is a must.

    Anyone go from BB to Droid? Any regrets? Any input would be very helpful, thank you!
  2. Droid has email notification, so I'm not sure why that would be an issue.

    Do you have any friends with as Android OS phone? If so, play with theirs for a bit.
  3. i went from a BB storm to a Droid x. and i LOVE it!
  4. Do you still have a messenger? My issue with BB is that EVERYBODY that I know uses one so I get to do the messenger with family and friends abroad, for free. ;)
  5. i don't, but that's because i only used BB messenger with two people, my dad and brother and my brother also switched to droid x.
    i've heard you and others can download google talk and it's basically the same thing. but you have to get everyone else to use it.

    edit to add: i don't have google talk because my dad can't download it on his phone (work owned) so there was no reason for me to try it out.
  6. Good ?, does it have it?

    I wish I knew someone with the Droid, I did play with it at the Verizon store, but it's not the same.
  7. I switched from blackberry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have absolutely no regrets. I have both my personal and work email on it and feel like it works just as effective as the blackberry. I can even view all attachments now. Some email attachments I could not view on my blackberry.
  8. Android does not have BB messenger. Android does use Google Voice, but you can only send texts from a Google Voice number that you pick.
  9. I switched from a BB Curve to the Incredible. I was SO happy at first, but now that the new OS update has been pushed out (Froyo), I have had nothing but problems. I had to get a replacement phone, and there hasn't been any major problems yet except for a slight freeze. It just scares me to think that this may happen with every update that comes out... kind of miss my blackberry
  10. went from BB Curve and upgraded to the Droid X and i love it!!! My only problem with the droid is when it BB could wake me up vibrating but the Droid X is like a bee buzz.

    This phone has soooo many more functions that you can get overwhelmed. DH also went from the Storm to the X and he laughs at me because his is all set up with tons of apps and I only have one. Also typing on a touch screen takes a bit to get use to but the X has a huge screen so it's easy.

    I also like the gchat which is like bb messenger and you should create a gmail account where you want to get all your emails. If you have gmail you'll get your emails faster. Also your gmail will not be part of your universal inbox since google wants to keep that separate from any yahoo or other email services.
  11. that's suppose to be a GOOD thing :P
  12. :bump:

    I'm thinking of getting the Droid X - any thoughts from those who own it?
  13. loooooooooooooove it!
  14. I have heard about it, but not prepared to use it.
  15. I've also heard of a messenger called Kik that's essentially the same as BBM, but open to all phone platforms.