Anyone switch careers at midlife?

  1. I am ready to make a career change. I am an IT professional for 20 yrs and just about had it. I would like to hear from you who have made this switch at mid-life. It's hard to give up the paycheck (no more handbags) but I'm ready to follow my bliss. I don't plan on quitting tomorrow but would like to get started on a plan and a path towards a new beginning. I would love to hear your stories, advice, insights, wisdom. Thanks.
  2. yeeeup. I've told this story many many times before in here so I'll just cut to the chase. I was in the music industry for 15 years and at 38 decided to pursue my life-long passion of becoming an animal keeper. I am 44 now and have been a keeper for a little over 5 years now.
  3. i haven't, but my mom sort of did, but really more because my parents moved to a completely different state.

    my mom worked at a veterinary clinic for about 18 years, basically the secretary type person but because it was a very small operation, basically just two of them in the office my mom helped out a lot with giving shots and the easier stuff.

    when my parents moved my mom said she would do anything EXCEPT work at a veterinary office again. she now works as a bank teller and i think she's fairly happy but she's still kinda looking.
  4. A family friend of mine realized she was sick of her desk job and wanted to be a at age 50 she went back to school and got her certification and couldn't be happier!
  5. I am in the process of doing it now. I am currently in upper management and make really good money. I have been at my job 10 years, but never really felt fulfilled. I don't enjoy traveling most of the year and I don't like the transportation industry much. I has started to go to law school when I graduated in 2000, but I got a big raise and promotion at work and chose not to go. After Katrina hit NOLA, and working 80 hours a week and living in an office for 4 months, I realized I had enough. I gave my boss a notice that I would be leaving this coming up summer to go to law school. It is terrifying to me that I won't have the money coming in while I am in school, but it is time to do what I want to do with my life. I highly recommend you pursuing what makes you happy and not stick with something just because you have been doing it for some time.
  6. I work as an academic and we are crammed full of people shifting to medicine in their 30s and 40s. In fact, last weekend two of my students shared a 50th birthday party! None of them seem to regret the switch and many tell me (rightly IMO) that 'life is too darn short' to waste being unfulfilled. Go for it!
  7. OP, what is your dream job? I am a lawyer and know lots of lawyers who dream of other jobs, like teaching etc.