anyone still wanting/loving the Vince draped neck leather jacket

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  1. You remember the beautiful motorcycle jackets by vince with the asymetrical zip and the drapey neck? (list $995) They have several at 60% off at the NYC Vince Boutique. I picked up a black one yesterday (so happy!) but they also had some cream ones and grey suede. (no pix I'm on vacation and this hotel has pretty sketchy internet service)

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know they're on DEEP sale and, if you're not too hung up on wearing last year's (year before?) trend...they are as beautiful as ever.

  2. Thanks for the tip Melissa! I would love to get the grey suede one, unfortunately I'm not in NY. I wish they would offer it online.
  3. i think the vince style of these jackets are more flattering and wearable for all ages than true moto leather jackets with the slash zippers and metal. the fact that they are making more for this year means that they sol pretty well and there's a consumer demand for them. i think may have an e-commerce section?
  4. I have this jacket in black and wore it almost every day last versatile! And flattering!
  5. I bet if you called they would ship it. . .of course if you'd need to try on, etc. . .I doubt they'd let you return a sale item.
  6. They do ship. I got the key grey color from the SF Vince store a few weeks ago and they shipped it to me. Sale items are final sale.
  7. Love love love Vince drape leather jacket ! Melissa, do you have the item number and the store phone number ? TIA ~

  8. I hope this isn't true. Is it every sale item? I've noticed the price drop on some sale items.
  9. hhmmmm. thanks for the heads up... these are gorgeous leather jackets!!!
  10. ^This thread is back from 2010