Anyone still waiting for their July 06 orders?

  1. I still am, but I know it's worth the wait...I'm just hoping it arrives soon.
  2. Haven't placed any order at last year's podium. Hope you receive your delivery soon. Have you checked with your SA on this?
  3. If you are still waiting...what are you waiting for?
  4. So do you get it July 1st or the end of July? And what did you order?
    Something in Barenia? A special order?
  5. Giiiiirrrrrlllll! My July order is now just getting processed. I know this for a fact because my SA was going back and forth between me and Paris for about 2 days regarding the specs on my order. Mind you, this is a special order, not a podium order. And NO, I'm not spilling.
  6. I've placed two orders at the Feb podium - one is slated to arrive wasn't offered this podium, so is still pending as an S.O. I was told it all depends on what leather/colour etc you have requested, whether it is on offer, and surprisingly, how 'different' the order is. Mine is a little different to the norm, and luckily got snatched up straight away to be made.

    I have also requested a croc Kelly, and have been told this may take years, because of the specs I have asked for.
  7. I already got the bag I asked for at the February podium --a couple of weeks ago. A gold/gold 35 birkin.
  8. ^^ Some are coming in FAST! Cal just got hers last week too - also from this yr's Feb podium. Lulilu, may I ask, was yours togo as well?
  9. Thanks. I last talked to my SA about it a month ago, and she was apologetic about it (and she has been since Christmas), but she couldn't say for sure when it was arriving. She said that an order very similar to mine had arrived a couple of months back, but most of her store's customers were still waiting for their orders, too.
  10. vert olive 35 cm Birkin in clemence, with palladium hardware
  11. There's no telling when it'll arrive. I really believe my SA is trying hard to figure out what's going on, but she really doesn't know. Originally, she thought it'd arrive by Christmas, by March at the latest, but it's still not here...And I ordered a vert olive 35 cm Birkin, in clemence...and it was just a regular podium order, not special
  12. Ooooh!!! I'm really curious now...but if your order is just getting processed, do they have any idea when it'll be finished?
  13. OMG! WOW! OK, I'm really wondering if something's wrong with my order or me:confused1:
  14. Was it a special order or a podium order? Special orders can take much longer.

    I put in a podium order in March and my bag arrived two weeks ago.
  15. Uh oh....I hope mine doesn't get here too soon....gotta pay of the NY bill, first!!