Anyone still use their denim bags? My friend has a few +


Dec 27, 2005
denim bags from I believe 2006. She has the speedy in blue and also green, the larger shoulder bag in pink and the small bag in green and pink. She has been debating selling them since she feels they look outdated yet she loves using them year round in Florida.

I still think this is a cute line. I have the small green bag and I still use it when I don't want to carry a large purse. I also kind of regret getting rid of my green denim speedy years ago.
I did have the large pink shoulder bag and sold it.

I feel if one is using bags and enjoy them then they serve a purpose.


Aug 3, 2014
As you say, if someone uses a bag and loves it, why not?

I personally never liked the denim collection.
Sep 11, 2006
It's all a matter of personal taste. Personally, I have never been one for buying the latest release just because it's there. I buy what I like and will use.

If you go for the "is it dated?" approach then LV's latest releases are dated within 6 months - who wants to play that game?

I have the Mini Pleaty and love carrying it. Someone else's opinion won't make me stop carrying it!

Kylie M

Apr 9, 2015
I made a quick Denim purchase without any research (blue mini pleaty). It turned out to be one of my best buys and in excellent condition. The only problem I've had was a little thread, which I took into LV and they fixed it at no charge!! She is a keeper!!! I'm waiting for the next Denim line to come out.. 💕💕


Mar 1, 2016
I love my denim bags, I've brought them both pre loved and they suit me and my life style completely. If she's still enjoying them she should carry on.

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
As long as she still loves them then that's all that matters. Whenever a limited line is introduced it's almost guaranteed to look "dated" within 6-12 months (just as the brand new computer you buy is considered "obsolete" by the time you finish paying for it) but it's unrealistic to always stay "in fashion" given how fast it changes. Find the look you love and work it, after all, individuality is always in style!


Jul 31, 2010
To be honest that's the line I love the most. I love the black denim L (mahina L ) with orange lining. At that time I couldn't let myself spending thousands on a bag. Plus I was a student so I was very poor as well.
Now I have started working and able to afford it, but it never comes back :sad: I always feel like buying the epi denim just because I missed the old denim line. But they are not the same love.

I love the little denim pencil case as well. Super cute !


Marc Jacobs LV Denim Obsessed
Jun 6, 2014
As you can tell from my username I am obsessed with the Denim! I love it all and use it all the time. I just sold a Blue Cabby GM and I am having serious buyers remorse.. :sad:.
I have lots of gorgeous bags, and my denim gets the most compliments.
If she wants an updated denim look, the Denim Epi Twist is amazing. I got it for xmas and people stop me constantly to compliment it.
Tell her "There are no rules... If you love it, wear it!" :smile:
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I luuve my LV
May 21, 2010
I have the denim pleaty and use it a lot in summer. It's a cute shape and the lining is divine


Jan 11, 2012
I personally have never been one to really follow trends because I don't really care about them and I like to focus on myself and whatever makes me happy in the moment. I'm currently in a preowned buying mood when it comes to LV and I love older LE items and don't give a hoot what others think. I pretty much echo peoples' sentiments in here that ultimately you should buy what you love -- after all, you ARE the one wearing the item and if you just buy what is released now without really, truly ever loving it then you might as well just flush a couple thousand dollars down the toilet, as you're probably going to end up selling in the future regardless. It sounds as if your friend really loves their denim LV bags, so much so that they are truly getting their money's worth out of them. In that case, I think it would be a hasty and poor decision to sell them for the sake of them merely looking "outdated", but then again this is just my honest opinion. I agree with you 100% that they still serve a purpose and if it were my friend, I would hate to see her regret selling bags she loved without her seriously giving it some hard thought and some time. I would personally try and talk her out of it, as they are very beautiful bags!! ;)

As for my opinion on the denim collection, I do have yet to acquire a piece. I really do love the way the blue ones look and I think it definitely does have a certain kind of "classic" factor to it as a lot of other companies release denim styled bags from time to time (think Gucci Sukey). I think it's a very fun, yet casual collection and I've had my eye on a few pieces from it personally. It's honestly all a matter of opinion, but I say it's held its own over the years and doesn't look out of place walking down the street in 2016 :smile: