Anyone still love their Gramercy? (Weight concern)

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  1. I'm late to the party, but thinking about getting it. I'm getting it online so I can't try it on. I read through pages here and it seems like many are getting rid of theirs because it's heavy. :sad:

    I'm thinking about getting it in a croc stamped one. I think it'd hold my daily stuff fine, but get worried about the weight itself.

    How are you loving yours so far?

  2. I got an Oxblood Large Gramercy (which is the medium size) at the outlet at an incredible bargain price. I loved the color and the look of the bag but I returned it primarily because of weight and the tight compartments and just issues with functionality.

    I did a poll here on TPF before making the decision to return it and you can read comments about the bag at the link below.

    I am not sorry that I returned it, there is always another great bag to be found!
  3. I waited a loooong time for the nude to be deleted. I wanted a neutral ladylike bag in my collection and I knew this was it. I don't find her to be heavy at all, but the again, I don't carry a lot.( A full size wallet one or two slg's, a pencil case and my sunglasses.) I got the regular size satchel.

    I always hand carry her. I have yet to try her out with the long strap. I don't have any issues with the openings as mentioned in the video. I love this bag and I'm very happy that I got her. I intend to keep her until she can't be worn anymore. :lol:

    Good luck with your decision.
  4. I actually just moved back into mine - I have the black one :smile: I absolutely love it - and it never has bothered me weight-wise.
  5. Using oxblood Gram today and it is not heavy. I think I weighed her and she's less then 2 lbs. Rogue is 3 for comparison.

  6. I checked my notes and Gram is 2.3 lbs.
  7. I love the style of it, but don't carry it every day. I don't find it heavy but I arm carry mine mostly, the strap is thin, but nice to have if you need it. I have 3 and all are keepers.
  8. Mine isn't an everyday bag, but I don't have problems with the weight at all when I do carry her.
  9. In my humle opinion, Gramercy is one of Coach's classy creation. I own 3 of them and like Carterazo said, it is very lady like. it can instantly dress you up. That said, i would not consider it a daily bag. I have been waiting for special occasions to carry them. It was very expensive when i first purchased them but good to know that they reduced its price? It would definitely be worth it if you are getting it at a good deal.
  10. I still enjoy mine, and I don't find it exceptionally heavy. I'm not one to let a heavy bag deter me though if I truly love the look.
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  11. I used to have one but found it too 'structured' for me. I hadn't quite realized that I wasn't so much a structured kinda bag girl....!

    I now own a beautiful pre-loved Darwin Mulberry Bayswater which I'm sure may weigh as much (if not more!) than the Gramercy but it has the casual look I was after so to me it's worth it, even if a bit heavier than I'm used to. If the bag is gorgeous enough and not ridiculously heavy I say go for it!