Anyone still love the Edith...?

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  1. ^^that sounds like a great combo!

    GyrlLayney, I wouldn't get this bag any time soon, haha, my wallet it's empty right now. But if I were to get it, I will probably go w/ another color since I already have the Satchel in Mais.
  2. I am using my classic Edith in muscade today. Everytime I carry it I remember how much I love it!
  3. Hmm, she has arrived... I should be happy, right? The problem is, I don't know if she's authentic. I bought her from the second hand shop, and the stuff have always been authentic with no questions before, but I just have a bad gut feeling with this 'girl'. I have posted a request in the authenticate thread and included loads of pictures:

    The main problem I think is the front pocket part where the straps should have been stitched further up I think, they are to close to the buckle in my opinion. Whay do you guys think?


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  4. I just got another Edith, a large bowler in Rouge, and oh my god is it gorgeous! I had the black classic with the long shoulder strap already, and got the red one to use for travel since it's so big. I have my laptop and Balenciaga First inside it and it fits everything perfectly! I really need to take a photo of my growing collection.
  5. I just looked at mine (I have the large bowler with me, not the classic, but they both have a front pocket) and when it's buckled into the third hole (furthest one from the end), the buckle reaches almost to the stitch, just as you have pictured. I'll go look in the other thread and look at the other pictures too.
  6. Does anyone have the large edith? I just officially bought my first edith, the classic medium in whiskey, another medium is arriving tomorrow in red, and the jade in large is on the way...went a lil crazy with chloes, but they were marked so down on large edith too large or a good bag for everyday/work? Can it fit over the shoulder???
  7. you mean large as in bowler? or large satchel?
  8. I mean the large satchel...I ended up keeping the one from neimans, which they said was red, but came and says "ecureil" which from reading, I am under the impressing is the same thing as whiskey...

    but i really want a big one for an everyday work bag and since the are over half off, i ordered the big edith satchel in there a difference in the color between whiskey and muscat? I can't tell that much from the pics:smile:

    just by the way...i love this forum;)
  9. Whiskey is more red, and Muscat is more brown. I'm not sure if Ecureil means the same as Whiskey. sorry!

    I love this forum's fun. I'm glad you like hanging out here! =)
  10. I had (it's now at Ann's) one of the original Edith satchels and I did not like the hand-held style. I definitely want a shoulder strap. But the color, mastic, was absolutely gorgeous.
  11. do you know when these ads came out? i'm desperately scanning my old magazines to clip one.

    Also, the ad where there are several Chloe's all piled up, with the Whiskey Edith on top :yes: thanks!
  12. I ADORE my Edith. I am currently looking for an edith bowler in red or black.
  13. hi everyone! i've never own a chloe, but the edith has always been a favourite of mine. With the 30% off on net-a-porter now, i think im finally going to take the plunge and get my first chloe :yahoo:

    okay dilemma though, i am really really torn between the choice of either whiskey or black.
    my bag collection is currently mostly brown shades, and ive originally wanted my next bag purchase to be a black. But i really think edith looks the best in whiskey (as evident from the many whiskey ediths ive seen on this thread so far)

    what should I do????? :Push:
    (p/s the whiskey on netaporter is 30% off while the black one is at 40% off, though the difference is really quite marginal - i can't help but let it get in the way of decision making as well. what can i say.. :shame: am a sucker for gd bargains )
  14. ^ get whiskey!!!!!! I have a whiskey and it is so amazing. It's a nice neutral and the color is really so delicious!
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