Anyone still love the Edith...?

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  1. waaa thx much Lordguinny ;) ... yup that color. I tried to rub with moisturiser again last night and it minimize the mark :wlae:
    I was actually drolling the ivory color at eLuxury also :P
    thx again
  2. I just ordered two today. They are on sale at Net a porter. It will be my first Edith.
  3. Thanks! I'll check to see if the whiskey is on sale like the other colors.
  4. I'm really tempted by the khaki double-pocket Edith that's on sale on NAP right now. But I have the Roche Edith waiting for me at the Nordstrom in White Plains right now, that I've already paid for on the presale. But the double-pocket Edith is so cute!
  5. I have a roche edith on its way. What is the roche color like any idea? I want a color that matches everything!
  6. When the Edith first came out, I was torn on whether or not I liked it, thought it looked too much like a school bag, almost bought it a few times, then would change my mind. Then, last year my SA at NM called with the 30% one day sale for Chloe and I decided to try it, thinking I would either take it back or sell it, (I kept it in the shopping bag for 2 months)......well.......I now own 2 the Edith in whiskey and the tall Edith (conteen??) in chocolate, the one with the flap over the top. Get tons of compliments and love them both. I have been bitten by the Chloe bug, I now own several........and it all started with Edith!!
  7. I just received my 07S Edith in Ecuriel, but I'm not in love with it. I'm contemplating on whether I should send it back. I don't have many days as I bought it at Net a Porter and it was on sale. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
  8. if you don't love it, wait for the one you are in love it!!! It'll come along.
  9. Aww, I hate when that happens! What don't you like about it?
  10. Thats the whiskey right? I was thinking of getting that too. What don't you like?
  11. Return it! I ordered and promptly returned 3 ediths (whiskey and black messengers and a blanc small satchel)to NM because they were too stiff, unimpressive leather. :tdown: Then I got a rouge Edith just yesterday and OMG... the leather is pebbly and smooshy sort of resembling paddy leather but with a little more structure! :wtf:

    So now I have to decide if I should keep this beautiful Edith because I already have a rouge Chloe - a medium paddington from AR! I also have a chocolate front pocket paddy, a sand-colored tall satchel paddy and a white patsy. So I think I have enough paddingtons and I NEED this Edith instead! But then agaian, I do happen to love:heart: red very much... oh how I wish I could justify keeping both!!! :cursing:
  12. I saw a 2 pocket Edith today at Nordies, and it reminded me of this thread. Never found this bag attractive...but it's really growing on me!!! :love: I like the fact that it can fit on the shoulder. Definitely more practical!
  13. Gingerfarm - would you get the two-pocket Edith in Mais again, or a different color?
  14. I still enjoy using my Edith Classic in muscade from F/W '06. I like the old fashioned schoolgirl look, and I'm impressed with the squishiness and thickness of the leather. It's more for work, but it also does casual well too.

    I do not like any of the other Edith styles, especially the handbag version. They just look wrong to me; like the designers couldn't come up with anything else.

  15. I've got this bag in Whiskey and it is adorable! Such a good- ooking bag IMO and very practical with the zippered front pocket and longer handles :heart: