Anyone still love the Edith...?

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  1. I don't see anything talking about the Edith satchel anymore...:crybaby:. Anyone still love it? Would you still buy one?

  2. I love the Edith! I have a mastic satchel, if I didn't I would definitely procure an Edith bag. This is a classy purse with a bit of an edge. The tiny bolts and hardware make this Chloe So adorable.:tup:
  3. I still love it. I use it as a work tote.
  4. I purchased my first Edith satchel a few a few days ago in the color chocolate,I was so happy with it I ordered another in Muscat.:yahoo:
  5. Hi girls! I guess I will be slaughtered for this, but I have (until now) more or less disliked the bags made by Chloé and thought they were too slouchy and not nice looking at all. However (here is the bright part where you will start to like me again :P ), the Edith has really grown to me and I have now sent a payment for a grey Edit. After I've seen all the beautiful pictures here taken by you girls, I just couldn't resist. You have some amazing bags!! She will be the best autumn / winter bag teamed with high heels, thick stockings, a nice skirt and 3/4 polo jumper. Awww, I will love her to pieces! :love:

    Thank you for letting me share...
  6. Do you girls have photos to share? I don't think I've ever seen an Edith.:sad:
  7. Here is a picture of my chocolate,the muscat arrives next week but she is the larger size ;).Love it :heart:!

  8. ^^ohhhhh so pretty! Purly, I love your bag! :drool:

    Cinnamon Star - That's what happened to me too. I didn't take notice of it...but starting 6 months ago, I'm starting to like it more and more. can you post pics of your edith when it gets here? give us something to drool over. :graucho:

    The fiance kept telling me that it looks like a school bag, so I never got one...I'm trying to convert him, slowly it's working...*I hope* haha. Anyone make those kind of comments to you guys?
  9. I have an ivory edith that I adore; I consider it more of a winter/fall shade so I probably will not wear it much until then.
  10. Here's mine ;)

  11. I still love mine, perfect work bag - classic schoolgirl chic!
  12. I've liked the Edith for awhile, but just purchased my first one earlier this month. I love the pretty green tone of the jade color.


  13. Oooops my bad; I meant the TRACY. Yikes, I'm not an Edith fan, sorry.:P
  14. ^^ awww....can you convince you otherwise? :biggrin:
  15. I love it too. I just ordered 3 of them at the NM sale (Jade, Red, and Wiskey) because I couldn't decide which color I loked the best. Still waiting for it. Just received a shipping confirmation today! Can't wait.

    My local Nordstrom had a blue medium one and a wiskey large one. At first I picked up the large going "Please... this can't be what I ordered. This is like luggage! Oh no it's so big!" Then I realized it was the large and noticed a medium a few feet away. I think many of the more upscale designer bags are too large for me so that's why I jumped to conclusions.

    It was a great looking bag and is the perfect size for me for a work bag.
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