anyone still looking for the vinyl coco cabas?

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  1. Just got a call from NM in the King of Prussia mall in PA(see NM website for #) but i already got my vinyl cabas...didn't get a chance to actually talk to them and have them hold it for anybody but I don't think the wait list was very long so it might still be available... its the $995 one btw
  2. I called and the SA told me there was one returned today, but the waiting list is 300+ and they called sold it to someone on the list :sad: Thanks for the info, it was worth a try.
  3. Wow... i didn't expect that I wish i had gotten the call and i would have had them hold it for a PFer but my mom got the call and just told them i already got mine.. im on 18 other wait lists so if i get any other calls ill post it hear!
  4. Just got a call from the NM in Palo Alto, CA... said they are getting them in soon so it might be worth going on the wait list.. when i get the call for the actual bag i will see if they can hold it for someone. If you give me your name i can tell them to hold it for you when they call me since i already got mine...
  5. My SA called me on Sat to tell me she had one for me and it's on it's way:yahoo: I have been hunting this bag for months! But thanks for the info, I will let my mother know about the Palo Alto list so that she can get on it.
  6. OH~ are there any left?