Anyone still like marquis diamond e-ring?

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  1. My first e-ring is a very elongated, flat and shallow marquis shape diamond. The size is about .93. I remember the color, clarity, etc. was excellent but I don't recall the exact specifics. We were quite young :heart:when we started out with a baby on the way. Anyway, 15 years later, I got a new 1.25 round ring also excellent color, clarity, etc. The round is in a platinum "Tiffany" style setting with baggettes on the sides. It seems crazy, but even though the round is bigger and newer, lately I've been liking the marquis one more. Just wondering what others on forum think. It seems that there are a lot of rounds out there, that it is sometimes nice to have something different.
  2. I LOVE marquis cut!! They're very elegant and also elongates the finger, IMO....I know some people consider them old fashioned but I absolutely love pretty!
  3. I have a marquis cut that my mom gave me (from the e-ring my dad gave her) and I had a custom setting made for it. It's in a horizontal bezel setting. I think that makes a marquis much more interesting. I personally don't like them in a traditional vertical prong setting.
  4. Yeah-- I think they are super-interesting east-west bezel set, but not much a fan of traditional prong mountings. Personal taste, though.
  5. I'm not a fan, but my jeweler told me they are making a comeback.
  6. my sister has one from 1990 and i have two friends engaged on '05 with marquis. personally, it doesn't do it for me, but thats my own personal taste. i think they are actually the stones that look the largest since most of the weight is in the table when cut appropriately. i think each person has a stone that speaks to them the most - while i love stones on other people (like rounds, for instance), i dont love all stones on me
  7. I like marquis stones when they're set east-west on the finger, preferably with a dainty diamond halo around it.
  8. maquise = diva shape lol no but to me they are the epitome of old world glamour (film noir style) i love them and they are timeless to me but i agree that it is very personal
  9. I like the marquis shape a lot! It was actually designed after a French lady's lips, right? Ooh la la! :smile:
  10. i like them, and pear shapes, my mother has a few (of both lol). However, my personal fave is a baguette/emerald cut... so classic. Brilliants don't do a hell of a lot for me, they are nice but simple and standard clearly on this forum i say tomato you all say tomato (wait that saying doesnt work in text lol)
  11. :yes: ITA
  12. I love east to west too. Such a pretty and unique look. I like ovals set that way too.
  13. I have a marquis e-ring, and although I love it...I do believe it is considered by most kind of old-fashioned. I would love to have it reset east-west, but don't think it will ever happen, as my DH designed the setting himself, so it will stay the way it is until it makes a comeback!!!
  14. I'm not a big fan of marquis solitaires unless they are a bit thick & set east-west. I really like Catherine Zeta Jones' engagement ring - it's a vintage (1920's) 10 carat marquis white diamond set east-west in platinum from Fred Leighton.

    I also think that everything depends on how a ring looks on your individual finger - there are cuts or settings I thought I would like that I didn't end up liking once I had them on my finger & vice versa.

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  15. I think marquis cut is very pretty. I've always thought that engagement ring "trends" were a little bit silly, to be honest.

    A beautiful ring that is given from the heart never goes out of style, regardless of the cut of the stone or color of the metal.