Anyone still into Gerard darel bags?

  1. Just curious if anyone still loves gerard darel bags? Did they get popular in the US? How is the quality?
  2. They were popular with many of the ladies here at the Purse Forum, but I think because of their relative unavailability, they never gained much ground with people who weren't into bags and didn't search them out. The times I was looking for one there was always a waiting list, and they tended to sell out almost immediately.
  3. I really want to love GD bags, but the quality of the bags are questionable for me...I bought a 36h flap and LOVED it, but 3 weeks later, the stitching started to come out. I also bought a patent red 24h, but the edges of the handles were raw and was only a matter of time before the edges and stitching would start to unravel. So, I returned both of them and pointed out to Customer Service that the quality wasn't very good.

    I really loved the bags, but for the money paid, they should be of better quality. I'm hoping that in a few years the quality will be improved. Until then, I won't be buying GD bags any time soon.
  4. what do they look like?
  5. That's too bad. I have two GD bags, a black Charlotte and a brown Charlotte with chain handles. They are both made really well, and still look great. I have had them about a year.

    LAltiero85~ here are the pics of mine. Hope that helps!
    BlackgerarddarelP2260464.JPG GDchainsP3210546.JPG GDchainsP3210548.JPG
  6. I really like them, but they are too big for me.
  7. I have the brown flap satchel, the one NM had on sale for $318. I love the style. So far, I have not had any problems with the stitching.
  8. ^^^ me too, i love my GD! no problems at all with it. the leather is so soft & squishy!
  9. I've seen a few at the Neiman Marcus in Northbrook IL. Every time I am there I go and fondle the red patent 24. When I was in Europe last year I went into a couple of the boutiques. They had a few python bags that were just gorgeous, but I had my heart set on an LV and couldn't justify buying both at the time. I regret not getting the python now. :s
  10. I had posted that there is now a Gerard Darel boutique in Montreal Canada.
    I have a 24 and love it.
    Does anyone know if the python ones are still around?
  11. I really liked them and looked high and low for a Charlotte. Finally found one last year, but didn't care as much for it once it was in my hands. Probably because it wasn't as easy to wear on my shoulder as some of my other bags; I wish the strap had been longer. I'm very much a shoulder bag girl who likes to keep her hands free. I sold it. I did think the leather was beautiful though.
  12. I got one from in dark brown, and I really like it. I don't use it a ton because I like something that fits over my shoulder better for work (and I seem to always be at work, LOL). But it is a really pretty "casual chic" bag.
  13. marly, i had the exact same situation - hunted high & low, finally found one, and when it arrived, i returned it.....just wasn't for me.