Anyone still carrying the Ring bag? How do you like it?

  1. I came across the Ring bag completely by chance. I really like the look of it but is it even current anymore?

    Which size have you got and do you still love it? How structured is it and how well is it wearing?
  2. The Ring bag is a classic design, simple and elegant. Extremely roomy inside too. I've seen a lot of photos of people at Fashion Week wearing them. There is also a thread about the Ring bag. I will try and add some more photos to the thread if possible.
  3. The Ring bag is gorgeous and very roomy. I did sell mine tough. I didn't use it as much, bought a lot of other Celines :angel: and feel that bags shouldn't stay hidden in the closet. Especially if they are beautiful Celine bags :biggrin:.
    I owned a smooth calfskin, but would recommend the grained version, if you want to use it a lot and don't like scratches.
  4. I JUST purchased a ring bag. I was torn between a ring and a belt bag (I still might go back for the belt). But I ultimately decided on the ring because the shape is a silhouette I dont see very often. Its VERY roomy, and its also very sophisticated. Not as eye catching as Celines other bags TBQI, But its subtle elegance won me over. I also actually like that not a lot of people carry one. I have a lot of "it" bags, but sometimes its nice to carry something that makes you happy and smile, that not everyone else has.
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  5. I have the Ring Bag in both sizes and love them. Like what ckrickett said, the bag holds a ton and still keeps its shape. I find the outer pocket handy for keeping my handphone and transport card. Both bags are used as travel bags and have held up extremely well. I can't comment on whether it is current or not though (who decides what is current anyway, and why should someone decide that for us?!).
  6. I love the ring bag! So beautiful in my opinion.