Anyone still carry their beloved OG alexa?


Apr 13, 2018
I have recently added an oversized Alexa in the shade butter, she's so damn beautiful. I love her so much, I keep trying to wear her to the supermarket to buy milk or some random item I've run out of. I refuse to drive to the supermarket because its so close, I want to prolong the experience lol! She's all that and a bag of chips. Now I just need the mini Alexa to complete my Mulberry collection :angel:


Jun 24, 2017
All your OG Alexa’s sound delicious! It’s my absolute favourite bag. I was slightly late to the Mulberry party so initially missed out on an Alexa until I managed to get a chestnut buffalo one in the outlet in 2017. I now have quite a few Mulberry bags but it remains my favourite. Hence, I was over the moon when they were rereleased and added a black Icon instantly in 2020. I’ve now just ordered a pink mini. Wonderful bag and the original is really not that different to the new so both are perfect!! As TPF members on another forum told me, a classic can’t be out dated.


Apr 21, 2009
I bought a cheap felt one on eBay in the large size a few years ago for my Bayswater. It was stiffer than my Handbag Angel's one and I really love the quality of the eBay one. They still sell them on eBay but only in two sizes, medium and large.When I sold my Bayswater I just used it to store my Chanel Reissue. Then I realized that it fits my oversized Alexa perfectly. I liked the quality so much that I toyed with the idea of just buying more and resizing them to fit my other bags.
Thanks for the info, MulberryHeaux. I was looking at the organizers at Samorga and found another website, Zoomoni. But will check out eBay ones too.