Anyone spotted this in the US?

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  1. I was searching online and came across this Mini Hamilton at Selfridges:

    I was wondering if anyone had seen this in person. It's a new color, different from the teal before. I'd like to know if it has silver hardware like the pic, as the description lists gold.

    I'd also love to know where you've seen it as I'd love to not have to pay UK pricing. Thanks!
  2. Yes, I saw one last Friday at Nordstroms, in the section where they keep the wallets and clutches. They are available now on-line, cost is $168, available in black or luggage color. I found mine on-line last year. If you do a search for Hamilton, once you are on the site it will pop up. It is called the Hamilton mini. Good luck and please keep me posted.
  3. That color is summer blue. I've seen it with gold hardware and silver hardware.

    That model is the mini Hamilton, and I've seen it here in the states but I haven't seen the mini Hamilton in Summer Blue.
  4. Thanks for the looking out.

    I do have the mini in Luggage and love it, but really would like a new bag with silver hardware. Farfetch has a white one too that they list as having silver hardware. Not sure if I can bite the bullet with the import shipping when I'm sure they'll come out with it here eventually. Or at least immediately after I do pay for the shipping. ;)