Anyone Spotted S/s 06 Stams Anywhere?

  1. if any of you out there spotted a stam from S/S 06 season in any reputable stores, can you gimme a yell...? :sos: i know this may be wishful thinking. i have given up on the 05, but still hoping that there may be one or two in the world which has not been sold from S/S 06 :ninja:
  2. What colors are you looking for? I've seen them recently in my local Nordstrom's (Tyson's Corner, VA) and Neiman's (Tyson's Galleria, VA).
  3. SULI...! PUTTY or BLUSH!! but preferably PUTTY! phone number and name of SA please? note that toll free number cant be accessed internationally. thanks for running info baglover, you are a real MJ godma arent you? :smile: