anyone spots any GREY flaps recently? in any sizes by the way!

  1. :heart:hi girls,
    i am thinking of getting this bag after seeing a few tpfer has it. but i cant seem to find it anywhere? ( i know i can never find ANYTHING!!) so any help would be appreciated! in any size and either lambskin or caviar
    thanks in advance girls!! :heart:
  2. saw a grey reissue on eBay
  3. Check NM at Tyson's in Virginia. I think I saw a grey flap in there yesterday. It was either there or at Chanel Boutique at Tysons. If you call NM, ask for Marilyn, she is a great SA (703)761-1600. If you call the boutique ask for Indra (703) 847-0555.
  4. ling0882434 - thank you! but i am actually looking for the classic one the reissue looks yummy though! i am kkinda scared getting one from eBay hmm
    ronsdiva - oh wow thank you!! do you remmeber what size it was? thank you though i will give them a call asap!
  5. According to my SA at NM Beverly Hills, their system showed 2 grey fonce jumbo at the Tysons store. This was last week when I picked up my grey fonce jumbo.
  6. in caviar or lambskin?
  7. the ones at NM were lambskin.
  8. Last week--
    Grey jumbo lambskin in Neimans Houston (new chain)
  9. Regina 07, can you post a pic of your grey lampskin jumbo? How much is it? I want to get one too!