Anyone Spot Prune(sp?)/Plum Le Fab?

  1. I am seeking for discontinued :crybaby: color, plum/purple/prune, whatever u call it, Le Fab.....has anyone seen it in either boutique, or consignment shop?
  2. awh sorry no i love that colour! And the blue is TDF to! I will keep a eye out for you!:ninja:
    I'm sure you will find one somewere!!
  3. no. but that is the ONE i am keeping a look out for also!
  4. Kaiie~Thanks! :nuts:

    Photo~Eeeek we are enemy! lol jk. There are still some new blue le fab floating around, but I am seeking for a pre love b/c it's heafty price.....
  5. i am always looking out for the PLUM too!! it's impossible to find it seems. good luck!! but i've been wanting the PLUM forever now.....just always MIA it seems.
  6. Oh I love that color, it is so beautifull! Good luck and keep us posted on your search, I will also keep my eyes open for you!
  7. at this point, i can careless MIA MIS or MIF, i was pissed off that i forgot to bid on bule suhali and wallet combo on eBay! Darn it!:censor:
  8. Yah, the Prune is such a nice rich color and pretty rare, IMO. When I am hunting something down I usually call my SA and she finds it for me. And also, if she can't find it she remembers I'm searching for one and keeps an eye out!
  9. But Prune is just soo old, er i mean discountinued so long ago, would it be possible to have any Prune Suhali left in company? I missed out the Prune Imprevisible too! >"< just my luck. *sigh*