Anyone spot a paddington in antique or on sale?

  1. Hi TPFERS,

    I have been waiting for a regular paddington in the antique "or" color to go on sale for almost a year. If anyone has spotted one please let me know. I have patiently waited and watched all other new paddys go on sale but not this one.
  2. Is this a darker gold color? I don't know if I have seen any around?
  3. I have this luscious bag and it is really an interesting antique gold! :heart: I haven't seen it on sale though...I bought mine from Rachel at Nordstroms in Bellevue, WA. Her number is: 425-455-5800, ext.1256, and she may be able to tell you if they have any more of these in their system and if they are on sale. I also see that has one, but not at a discount. I think Neiman Marcus had them as well. I bought the matching wallet from Neimans, (which also has). GOOD LUCK, hope you find one on'll LOVE it!:tup:
  4. Thanks Beanie. I love the color. Do you find that it matches everything? I may just buy one because I love it so much.
  5. I sold my Or bag eBay about a week ago...
    It really is a lovely bag. I hope you find one! Keep looking on eBay and maybe another one will pop up!
  6. I think it goes with just about everything! It's a great color because it's not as loud as a real shiny "gold." It's a bit more muted, but still very noticable! You can also dress it "up" or "down" depending on what you're wearing, but I don't use it for an everyday bag, since for me, it works more for evening, (adds a little "drama."):supacool: