Anyone spending their holidays alone?

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  1. I thought I was going back home to California, but now I'm not! I'm staying here with my boyfriend and a few friends for Christmas.

    I wonder if anyone is alone on Christmas? :sad: If you're in my neck of the woods (Chicago!), you should come on by.
  2. aww, well you know if I was near I'd come for a visit!!
    I almost spent Christmas eve alone a couple years ago, luckily my friend invited me over to spend it with her!! It was kind of depressing, but I was happy my friends took care of me. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!
  3. I wouldn't like to be alone for X-mas, but you have your bf and some friends there! It will just be a different kind of Christmas fun :yes:
  4. My family is going up to my Aunt and Uncle's place in the counrty for dinner, I am staying in the city to celebrate with my BF and his family. I will see my family in the morning though for presents!
  5. I'm going to be totally alone this Xmas. I'm in Sydney, my parents and sisters are overseas, and my fiance is in Texas. My last xmas alone though, next year I will be next to him and things would be different :smile::heart:
  6. i was alone for christmas last year. i worked christmas eve and christmas day 7p-7am both nights. i spent christmas day sleeping by myself. but it was ok i guess, because i hopped on a plane for a vacation in the philippines the next day. at least this year, i'm off on christmas day so i can spend it with my family =)
  7. i'll be all by my lonesome. again.

  8. ^^^
    Sorry, kallison. This isn't a dig against your friends or anybody else's friends... but if I knew ANYONE (even the most casual aquaintance) who was spending Christmas alone, I would invite them to my family's house. I guess I don't understand why people wouldn't... I just called up the friend of a friend... he's a Chinese exchange student down at University of Chicago who will be alone for the holidays. I've never even met him but I asked him to come up and spend it with us!
  9. i'm the same way. i ALWAYS invite friends over for holidays, even if just for dinner or something. everyone wants to feel loved and important during the holidays. heck, two years ago, i invited people from work over- just because i knew they didn't have much money for a good dinner and that they were going to spend it alone. it made me feel good to do that, you know?

    but all my friends are out of i'll be on tpf for christmas!
  10. ^ some people will be on here through out the day!! Chin up :love:
  11. hehe. it's all good. no annoying kids to deal with, no frustration with christmas dinner. i'm having mac and cheese since i'm dirt broke. :smile:
  12. I'll be alone - my kids went to visit their Dad in Milwaukee - So I'm all alone this year. Busy, since I work as a church organist part-time, so I have 3 services Christmas Eve day and night - but still . . . . sad!
  13. The only person I hoped to spend Christmas with got invited to spend the weekend at someone else's house. My other close friends have all gone home. There are a handful of people around but I'm not that close to them and they all have their S/Os to be with. Plus I'm broke so I can't really go anywhere. I thought I would be ok with being here mostly on my own but now thinking about it is making me lonely and sad :?
  14. I wish I was spending the holidays alone! :yes:
  15. DH and I are having our friends over that don't have family in town and aren't going home, so they don't have to be alone. He is from Ireland originally, as are a few of our friends. So, the Jewish girl is cooking Christmas dinner! Actually, I've done it for the past couple of years and I enjoy making the day special for my hubby and our friends.

    I'm sending out good wishes to those of you spending it alone. Take a bubble bath, put your feet up and relax - it may be the only day of the year you can do nothing without guilt!

    Happy holidays to all.