Anyone speak Korean? Need help bidding on auction

  1. I'd really appreciate it any help! :yes: :heart:

    Please pm me.
  2. If no one PMs you, I like using this translator

    Not the best, but I usually use it to translate Japanese websites selling second hand Chanel/LV.
  3. Hi Spiral, I have seen youa round in the Bal forum a few times. I speak Korean but will be away from my home today for a few hours. If you'd like me to read a Korean auction site for you i'd be glad to help.
  4. This is a pretty cool site!
  5. Thanks Karman and lebagfairy!
  6. Spiralsnowman, I'd be extra careful when bidding on a bag from a Korean site. I was just web surfing around Korean sites and was pretty surprised of how much fakes there were.

    For an example, when a person asks for a recommendation for a Chanel bag, it is just automatically assumed she's looking for an imitation. People who replied would also say things like "Oh, I love Chanels" and tell them to check out this and that site, where they got their really authentic look alikes. They actually would call their purses Chanels even though they are fakes! They are not trying to pass their bags as authentics, but rather just very used to everyone having fakes.

    The pics I saw some people posted looked really good too. I wouldn't know they are imitations if they didn't say so.
  7. ^ Wow, that's scary! Thanks for your help, Nanami! Pming you...