anyone speak German? if so, please help with translation.


Apr 28, 2007
so cute :smile:

what Cat wrote sounds more like "Get a big tour and Drank a beer as me." ahhh that's not even a good translation. i'm not a native german speaker either, but i've tried the online translating algorithms and they're... well... horrible!

jcriley, i think it's sweet you're making stabs at german... i'm always so embarrassed as an american tourist that i can only speak english (and minor german) when all the europeans seem to speak 5 different languages fluently....

Kittie LaRoche

Aug 24, 2006
yup, I can only confirm the translations.

Feel free to correct it,I was using a german translator :smile:.

Those things are hardly ever right...No point in even using them.

:P regarding translators: my SOs mom is an English teacher and frequently gets stuff that was written in German and then translated via "Google Languagetools" or whatever :roflmfao: Go figure, not a really good idea for a decent grade.