anyone speak German? if so, please help with translation.

  1. If you speak german, do you know how to write "Have a great trip" in German and something like "drink a beer for me" in German?
    I'm trying to respond in german to a friend who is in germany now.
  2. Bekommen ein groß Tour und Getränk ein Bier als mich.

    Have a great trip and drink a beer for me :smile:
  3. I think..."have a great trip" - schöne Ferien and "drink a beer for me" - trink ein Bier für mich.:sweatdrop:please someone confirm haha!
  4. no offence but this isn't entirely right...sorryyyy...:sweatdrop:
  5. Feel free to correct it,I was using a german translator :smile:.
  6. As german is my mother tongue, I can confirm venetiakim's translation :tup:
  7. thanks!haha!(note to me:this ain't a competition but my self-esteem is high now!:p)
  8. :king:
  9. You guys rock! Thanks!!!
  10. so cute :smile:

    what Cat wrote sounds more like "Get a big tour and Drank a beer as me." ahhh that's not even a good translation. i'm not a native german speaker either, but i've tried the online translating algorithms and they're... well... horrible!

    jcriley, i think it's sweet you're making stabs at german... i'm always so embarrassed as an american tourist that i can only speak english (and minor german) when all the europeans seem to speak 5 different languages fluently....
  11. that's true...
  12. Gute Reise und trink ein Bier fuer mich! :smile:
  13. Those things are hardly ever right...No point in even using them.
  14. yup, I can only confirm the translations.

    :p regarding translators: my SOs mom is an English teacher and frequently gets stuff that was written in German and then translated via "Google Languagetools" or whatever :roflmfao: Go figure, not a really good idea for a decent grade.
  15. these things can get really annoying.The other day my dad was trying to translate a text and in one point the translator wrote: sheep can now read the text and write ...!Instead of children!:lol: