Anyone speak French?

  1. I'm writing a book and I wanted the title to be something simple..."Dream Embrace", yeah, cheesey in English....slap it into French...VWALLA! So tell do you say "Le Reve Embrassent" in French. Make it as literal as possible please!
  2. i wish i did! sorry i can't help ya here.
  3. I'd call it:

    le caresse d'anges

    The caress of angels
  4. Oh the Angels thing is good....I'll keep that in mind.

    It's about this girl who gets really sick and falls asleep and dreams up this love triangle. Two brothers are fighting over her in an English forest (The Royal Forest of Dean) and eventually one of the brothers wins her and the other commits suicide. I would tell ya more...but you'll just have to read it when it comes out....if I can finish it and get it published. lol
  5. Well considering the English and French have a longstanding, er, irritation with one another maybe a French title isn't so good? LOL
  6. Well one of my characters speaks fluent French (thank you Google Language) so it makes me anyway.
  7. Le Reve Embrassent = luh rev em-brah-sawhn

    It's kind of hard to explain, but the t is silent. Do you know how to pronounce croissant? The end of embrassent would be pronounced the same way.
  8. Are you putting actual French in the book using Google languages? If so, you should know that those automatic translators are notoriously bad.
  9. Yes google language is wrong a lot of the time. My husband understands French perfectly but doesnt speak or spell it well. Let me see if he knows......
  10. Ok, so hubby *thinks* it's Reve Embrassez
  11. my mom is from quebec and i was raised in french...

    "embrassent" is actually the past tense of "to kiss."

    i guess i would say "l'embrasse d'un rêve" (which is literally "the embrace of a dream").

    hope that helps! :smile:
  12. They are terrible to say the least....LOL
  13. There was a game we used to play...we'd post the lyrics of a song into google translator, then translate to german or french, then take the translated lyrics and translate back to english. Then try to guess the song name. It wasn't always easy :smile:
  14. You could also just say 'La Reve D'embrasse'.
  15. That sounds like it would be a fun Purse Forum game! *hint, hint!*