Anyone sold their Muse on ebay?


Nov 8, 2006
I've tried listing mine a few times with several watchers but no bidders. I've used it a few times and its in great condition but no takers. I've looked at the other auctions and with all the fakes on there none of authentic ones are selling. I've gotten really low offers but I don't want to take such a loss.

Anyone else have a problem with selling their Muse?
I haven't tried selling mine... I still love it too much... but maybe you are not giving enough info in your listing. I will be glad to help if I can based on my experience a couple years ago when I sold a lot of my David Yurman jewelry on eBay and never had a problem selling any of it. If you can include a picture of the sales receipt and let them know why you are selling, etc. that will help. Also, what price did you start at and did you have a "Buy It Now".? I sold all my jewelry with "Buy It Now".
Yes, I did sell mine, at a loss of $600 when it had been used twice total. Now I regret it and wish I had just bought a brown one instead of black! Maybe you can try to join the marketplace forum here to sell it?
I did post lots of photos plus one with the receipt. The start was $799 with no BIN. It is monogramed with my initals which I knew was going to be hard to sell but with so many watchers and no bidders makes me wonder why. I also listed that I was selling because I wanted other bags.

Maybe I'll try again later with a BIN and best offer. What do you think is fair? I paid $1095, its been used a few times, great shape. A few threads pulled but not really noticable.

Mods - I'm not trying to sell here. Just trying to get better ideas on how to sell on ebay.
I think at $799 it would have definitely sold without the initials if you have a good feedback history. I'm not sure what the initials do to re-sale value, but I imagine that they would made it more difficult to resell. Maybe try starting at $100 less or offer best offer? I've often had a lot of watchers and then only one bidder. A lot of people seem to be "professional watchers" LOL The other option is to wait until after the holidays because people who received money for gifts will be out looking for their presents to self and anyone waiting to see if the Muse goes on sale afterwards (it won't) will be looking for a bargain.
I've been thinking about selling my Muse, but then I see the prices of what some of them have been sold for and it always make me re-think.

It also doesn't help that there are so many fake Muses too...
Oh, I think having your initials on it would definitely hurt its sales. I would never want a bag with someone else's initials on it. Are you sure you don't want to keep it? Maybe put it away for a little while and then try it again and see if you like it better!

I would also try a BIN on eBay ....