anyone sniffed L?

  1. Has anyone been able to get there hands on the new fragrance from Lolita Lempicka called L ? I have been wanting to get my hands on it but I do not think its hit the US yet. Any reviews??
  2. I haven't smelled it yet. A friend of mine overseas likes it. It has a fruity-orange with hint of cinnamon opening and dries down to a vanilla musky scent. She really likes vanilla scents, so if you do you might like it too.
  3. Whew, I wasn't sure what this thread was!!
    Never hear of it!
  4. L is the newest perfume by Lolita Lempicka...its got a stunning bottle, and is supposed to be just lovely. It seems like very few people have smelled it? I was hoping for some feedback but I think people were turned off by the name of the post :shrugs: :shrugs:
  5. Ooh! Now I'm dying to try it, too! I loved Lolita Lempicka's original scent... :love:
  6. O.o Initially I thought this thread was about some new drug... :rolleyes:

    No, I haven't sniffed the perfume either.