Anyone Snagged the Saleya?

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  1. Has anyone got one as yet? I know that the PM generated a lot of buzz a little while ago. I just missed the MM on elux, SA says they can't keep them in stock, I think I'll go to LV this weekend
  2. When I went to the LV store in houston about two weeks ago they had them. So, call them if your doesn't have it. It is in the galleria mall.
  3. I went to Neiman Marcus today to take a look at the Saleya PM - it was similar in size to the Cabas Piano but the handles were shorter. I was able to put it on my shoulder but I had a light jacket on and the handles were a little bit tight.

    I love the shape of the bag, but I'm still trying to decide whether I want that one or not - the short handles are what is keeping me from getting it right away.
  4. Any pictures of the pm or mm? Also prices of both? I am curious about this mysterious bag!;)
  5. Hmm, I've never heard of this one!! Pictures please :biggrin:
  6. I saw it today too .. the pm& mm and prefer the pm size but the handles are an issue for me too. I REALLY liked the multicolore petite noe white but not the price here in Aus:cry:
  7. I only saved a picture of the GM, but the PM doesn't have the outside zipped pocket and the handles are shorter.

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  8. Anybody knows the price of the GM ? That will be a perfect gift for my mom...
  9. I was in the boutiques yesterday and saw the Saleya. Love it! I don't know the price though. I don't always ask (which my husbands loves) :evil: .....Just kidding. I'm really considering that bag.
  10. ^^^ The bag is gorgeous in all sizes I think as so useful. The MM is about $900 and the GM a grand I believe. Sort of akin to the Cabas family prices
  11. I think thats a good price. I was thinking it could be more, since its new. :biggrin:
  12. I tried on the pm - I believe it was a little over $700, and it is the cutest bag! The double rolled handles are a bit short, but does fit on my shoulder. I'm sure it has the potential to slip off my shoulder (at least one handle). The double rolled handles "feel" like a speedy - when worn on the arm, but I like that I can wear it on my shoulder, too:love: Gosh, wait for the speedy, or snag a saleya? What to do???? Hey, what would you do??:blink: (Besides snag BOTH:P )
  13. Is the bottom of the bag damier or chocolate leather?
  14. ^^^^ Damier
  15. I tried the MM on at LV here and it is such a lovely bag..great size for work:biggrin: