Anyone sleep talk share your stories...

  1. I'll start, my BF delights in telling everyone this story of my sleep talking shopping obesession here we go......

    ME: We have to get some...
    Him: **sleepy** what???
    ME: There limited Edition
    Him; **sleepy & confused** what? what is? what are you talking about?
    ME: We have to get some because there limited edtion
    Him: Honey your talking in sleep
    ME: **still asleep** yeah I know I'm just saying we have to get some because there limited edtion
    Him: Oh ok we'll call them tomorrow
    ME: Ok

    What I need I don't know but it just couldn't wait! Now all I need to do is figure out how to use the computer & credit cards while I'm asleep :nuts:
  2. I recently had to share a room with my brother when we were staying with friends, and in the middle of the night he said:

    "ummmmm about 6 foot?"

    It's probably because we've seen so many people this holiday and everyone says to him "gosh aren't you tall!" and "how tall are you now?" so much so that he's now answering that question in his sleep!
  3. On the odd occasion I'm mumbling something like no or incomprehensible words that I had no idea until my husband said I talk in my sleep sometimes. Once he said in a loud clear voice at night "that would be the most appropriate thing to do" twice! I guess he was in a meeting in his dream.
  4. I sung Cant get you out of my head in my sleep once :shocked:
  5. "limited edition" hahah that's TOOO CUTE! I talk in my sleep but I can't remember anything I've said. I do remember my BF once said "I love you so much, even my boogers love you." LOL.
  6. My BFF's fiance was sleeping on the couch once and heard him say "mmmmm pears". We cracked up and now see where his priorities lie.

    Just 2 nights ago my boyfriend (who is a huge Green Bay Packers fan) told me in his sleep that he thought that Brett Favre shouldn't retire yet. It was such a normal statement I asked him why and got no response and realized he was talking in his sleep.
  7. That is so cute! I don't talk in my sleep, but I do hit! People have gotten some serious whacks to the face.
  8. i sleep talk, but nothing sensible
  9. I have talked in my sleep, and have seen proof to back it up. My unintelligible conversations occur when I fall asleep on the couch and he tries (unsuccessfully) to wake me up. I'd never believe him the next day because what I supposedly said was just too hilarious.

    Of course, I never believed him. So, one night when I fell into a deep sleep watching tv at night and started sleep talking, he took out the digital camera and briefly filmed his unsuccessful efforts at waking me up. :idea: **MOST HILARIOUS THING I HAVE EVER WATCHED!** I started mumbling about the "pointy shoes -- look at the shoes" ... and at another point, I paused, smiled in my sleep, and in a smitten voice said, " ... Ramona ...:love:"

    So, apparently I have a bag and shoe obsession even in my sleep!
  10. The very first week my husband and I got married, the phone rang in the middle of the night. I answered it and my husband hollered "hang up, hang up, hang up!" I said "what?" And then he said "you have to enter the code, you have to enter the code." The caller said "umm-I have the wrong number" and hung up. I turned on the light, and my husband was sound asleep. When I asked him about it the next day, he said he remembered dreaming about the voice mail system at work. I was afraid I had married a sleep talker (or a spy), but he hasn't done that again.
  11. hehe funny thread :biggrin: I sleep alone so I have no idea if I've ever talked in my sleep.

    When I was in Denmark with my dad (in 2005), our hotel room had two twin beds..they were side by side. Anyways I remember whacking him on the head with my hand :roflmfao: I was asleep but woke up as soon as I hit something lol

  12. LOL thats so funny, I love this thread. My mom talks a lot in her sleep.. about tons of stuff, it's really funny.
  13. i had an ex-bf that constantly shifted in his sleep... he's elbowed me in the head a few times!

    i can't remember anything i've said, but i've been told i've mumbled some things before.
  14. I once overheard my brother asleep going, "Put the money on the table."

    I don't really talk, but I sigh and "mmm" in my sleep.
  15. I am sure I've talked in my sleep but I am not sure what I've done. I do have a funny story about my dh though.
    When he lived with his parents he had a ceiling fan in his bedroom but when he was in college his bedroom didn't have ceiling fan. One night we were sleeping and the next thing I know he sits up in bed and mumbles something about being hot. Next thing I know he is standing up on the bed reaching for the fan (that is not there) and acts like he is turning it on. Then he lays back down and goes to sleep. It took me months to get him to believe that I didn't make this up!! It was so funny!!!!