Anyone shopped at Fifth on Main?

Chanel 0407

Aug 16, 2008
Milwaukee & Baltimore
Has anyone ever checked out this site?

There is something I want to purchase, but I'm kind of afraid to as they don't post any return information or talk about refunds. I called the 1-800 # and she asked me what my crisis was. Then I asked if this was on online store and she said yes. Seems kind of weird but just wondering if anyone has any experienses to share or if its a reputable site. I want to buy a Mackage jacket but don't want tp throw away $500.00.


Easily tempted
Feb 27, 2007
New Hampshire
I wouldn't buy from them -- the first lady sounded rude, "what's your crisis"? I would've hung up then.
The 2nd lady having no knowledge of a return policy.. again sets of bells

the site could be totally legit -- but based on the CS, for me, I would stay away
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Dec 27, 2009
Oh my. What is the deal lately with unacceptable customer service? I would take the fact that she asked "what's your crisis" and shop elsewhere. If they offer poor attitudes toward potential customers, imagine what it would be like as an actual customer if something went wrong with your order...