Anyone shopped at FashFire before?

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  1. I stumbled across this site -

    Just wondering if anyone has an experience buying from here?

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I like Fashfire! It definitely lives up to the positive ratings I saw before trying it out.
  3. I'm wary of it. Things like this, "We proudly stand behind the authenticity of our goods. In many instances, these goods were not obtained directly from the designers but rather have been purchased from reputable resellers at a discount."

    and, "It is understandable that you have doubts on authenticity of products being sold online. All the items that we sell come with some sort of authenticity cards and/or original tags. Most of the Coach products come with serial number leather patch on the inside.."

    and "All the designer products we carry are real and authentic. We do not sell fake or replica items. The reason why we are able to sell these cheap is because of our low over head (no store rental to pay), and because we get some sort of close out items from various retail chains and wholesalers."

    "Most of the items come with gift receipt and original Coach packing materials."

    I mean maybe someone is going to outlets and buying all this stuff and reselling it.. I personally just don't trust it.
  4. Lol, what is some sort of an authenticity card?

    Joking aside, I would stay the heck away. Whenever a website is overzealous about the authenticity of its items, especially one like this, it is never a good sign. Why would a reputable site state that its respective owners are aware of authenticity issues but that you should trust them? It just screams fishy to me.

    Also, the previous poster with only 2 posts stating that she loves this site and it met the positive reviews she read on it is a little concerning. A Google search yielded no such positive reviews that I could see...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.