Anyone shop with Portero?

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  1. Hi. I'm just curious whether anybody has shopped at Portero (on ebay) and found any deals? I remember reading an article in Vogue, a while back, on the subject of buying authentic luxury via ebay. Portero was the site recommended by Vogue (in the article, obviously!). So. I browse the handbags on Portero all the time (currently, they have Birkin bags, and all sorts of interesting things). I noticed that they had a Paddington recently, and, also some Luella bags (all of these were brand-new or only used once). Of course, they do charge (I'm not sure that it's possible to get a 'real' deal through them) and shipping is high, especially for those of us in non-US countries. Any experiences?
  2. i shopped their NY sample sale a few months ago....i love love love them......their prices are usually very decent
  3. That's interesting, thanks. I had no idea that they did sample sales, as well. Oh to live in a big city again!