Anyone Shop/Love Ann Taylor?

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  1. Ann Taylor is my favorite store. It's my style..lots of clean classic clothing and I love it in there. I can not go in without picking up a bunch of

    I was there yesterday and picked up 3 halter dresses for summer---very beautiful---great colors----TDF! and two great linen suits---one shorts and the other pants (white--the short suit and Khaki pants suit). Two halter tops. 3 little boatneck tops and another navy linen blazer!
  2. whoa missy, sounds like you raided the store :wtf: hehe, you bought lots of thing didn't you?
    Yes i do shop/love ann taylor. i'm a college kid and i have always found myself choosing the more sophisticated fit, as i 'd like to call it. i like it simple and i think ann taylor always offers that and sometimes they got some fun prints but it also can be worn seasonally because it's classic as you said. i also like to shop at ann taylor loft. just beautiful just beautiful. glad to hear you share your shopping/loving experience with ann taylor
  3. Yes, I went crazy and had fun. They had a great sale and such pretty prints. They have great foundational pieces. Great Suits... I like to buy great classic foundational pieces that will last me forever and then I pull fun pieces from other designers.
    I was just wondering if others shared my love of this store as
  4. A lot of my work clothes are from there. They have great, classic pieces that will last for a long while but are still affordable.
  5. AT is hit-and-miss for me. I've bought a few nice pants suits and lined pants for work, but sometimes their tops/blouses tend to be cut very small in the shoulders and bust. Their simple, classic items are the best you can find for the money, but sometimes they seem to be leaning to much on the "Debutante Visiting the Hamptons on the Weekend" kind of look which doesn't work for me. Wait for their handbags and shoes to go on sale; think they're overpriced at full price. I wish they'd continue their classic pieces from season to season. I bought few silk turtlenecks there three years ago that I'd love to be able to replace, but they've never offered them again.
  6. I like Ann Taylor a lot - the quality is great for the price. I don't shop there too frequently because I have a job with a casual dress code, and casual clothes are cheaper and easier to care for than nice suits. But when I do need dress clothes, I love to go to Ann Taylor.
  7. I like going there for some of my work wardrobe. Always clean and crisp. Can't really go wrong with that!
  8. Yes, they have good, classic and predictable styles. I have a black linen shift that has looked great almost 8 years - what a great deal!

    I do agree with pseub that they are hit or miss with their cuts. I have broad shoulders and I can never tell what size I will need in tops. They are often cut too small in the bust, but if I go up a size they're too baggy around my middle.

    I have to admit I've kind of drifted away from Ann Taylor and have moved on more to Theory and Laundry. After so many years I "get" AT and need more variety in my wardrobe.
  9. ^^ I Love Theory, Laundry and Tahari as well. My favorites!
  10. I love Ann Taylor/Loft. today i bought some wedges and flats and some dresses. they are so classic and clean cut, i love ann taylor.
  11. I love Ann Taylor and AT Loft. I am a petite and it's about the only place I can consistently find things that fit me without needing to be altered. I buy most of my work clothing there.
  12. Ann Taylor -- Sizing runs huge and a bit too conservative for me.
  13. I love AT! Their jackets are the only jackets that consistently fit my weird body! Love their skirts too. Fit me perfectly! I agree that their tops/blouses are too inconsistent though. I can normally do a large petite in their tops but lately they've been both too short and too snug through the bust, so unless it's a long sleeved item (I have short arms), I've been buying the regular large lately. I even tried extra-large petites and THEY were too small.

    I got some really cute tops in their last 20% off sale, but again, I had to swap them for different sizes. I did finally end up with three nice tops though.
  14. I love Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft! Most of the stuff in my closet is from them. I am petite too. Their clothes tend to run bigger than normal but even my friend who is super skinny can fit into some of their tops that are xs or 00.
  15. I like Ann Taylor shoes. Their heels are very comfortable and affordable.