Anyone shop here before?

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  1. The pics look pretty good to me, but I'm wondering if anyone has shopped here before?

    I wasn't sure if it was an "authenticate this" thread because the bags look real to me, I just want to know if the site is credible, stealing pics is easy these days.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I only looked at a couple of the handbags in the LV section. I'll be more thorough next time with websites :tdown:
  3. I don't know this website, but somehow it looked ok to me. Perhaps we need some of the experts in the authentication thread to check it out.
  4. at a quick glance i also thought it looked ok. if you are going to buy then be sure to post in the authenticate this thread.
  5. They look like some sort of consignment store? Taking a quick look, their items look good to me.
  6. Checked over a couple pieces and they looked good, htye also provide great photos too! The cles is a vintage one that is why is looked so different. I am of age to remember it :smile:
  7. I thought the bags I looked at are real, I'm just concerned about them being legit sellers. Like stolen ID, using CC, bait and switch, takes forever to ship, item not as described, etc...
  8. They look good to me. A new LV shopping site, cool! :p