Anyone shop at Buffalo Exchange?


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Jul 5, 2007
I went into Buffalo Exchange in Las Vegas. I am not familiar with shopping in second hand stores. I was loving all the designer jeans until I ran across a VERY obvious fake pair of 7FAMK. After that I didn't end up buying any jeans because I am not an expert at denim and was nervous that they might be fakes. Are fakes at Buffalo Exchange super common (like Ebay) and I should just stay away or rare?


Jun 14, 2011
In my experience, Buffalo Exchange does a good job of weeding out fakes. I am from MA, though, and I shop at our two stores here, so I'm not familiar with your store. I'd give them another chance, and if you come across another fake, bring it to their attention. I'm sure they don't want to be selling fakes!


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Jul 24, 2011
Beverly Hills, CA
I shop at Buffalo and Crossroads, but my favorite is actually Wasteland here in Los Angeles, I find they often have a great selection of vintage and newer high fashion items.


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Dec 22, 2006
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I used to work at crossroads as a buyer, and we were taught to be extra careful when it came to brands that were commonly faked.
I don't know how buffalo exchange works, but we knowingly do buy fake/knockoffs with some exceptions. But how it works is that WE KNOW it's fake, so we price it VERY low. And for those of you who have shopped at crossroads, if you look at the back of the price tag, you will see the item description and an initial written. Say if it's an authentic pair of true religions, we will write "true religion joey" or something on the price tag and price it accordingly. But let's say it was a fake TR. We would still buy it from the customer, but on the tag we would write "denim" or some very generic description and the price will just be dirt cheap. If it's not real, we are not allowed to write the name of the brand. I know some people may think it's not right to buy knockoffs, but we buy whatever we know that will sell. Some customers will choose price over authenticity, so we just take that as an advantage to make more profit.

BUT...when it comes to bags we that are hard to distinguish from real or not, more than likely we will not take that item because the customer will demand too much cash for that item. Most of the times, when people sell us knockoffs it's those pretty obvious kinds that you'd find in alleyways in LA or canal street, and more than likely the customer will tell us that it's fake if we ask. There was this one time a frequent seller brought in a black Balenciaga city. Of course I wanted it the moment I saw it..! But I felt something was off, because she agreed to consign the bag for $300, with only 50% coming back to her. Idk, but I wouldn't easily let go of a black Bal for $150!! she claimed that it was authentic and she bought it from a reputable retailer, so on so on...SO what I decided to do was to take the bag for consignment, but also post it on tpf to have it authenticated...the very same day, numerous ladies on the Bal thread told me that it was indeed a fake. I called the customer the next day to let her know that we couldn't sell her bag because it couldn't be authenticated. Funny thing is she didn't even try to argue, she was just like, "oh really? Thats weird...well okay".

Wow sorry didn't mean to type up and essay but thought it would be fun to share!

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Feb 17, 2008
I love Buffalo exchange for low end designer items that are not must have items that are just for fun and don't want to spend $$ on new or on trend vintage items. It's great to be able to experiment w/o breaking the bank. Most of the time I give myself a budget and get out w quite a few cute things.
Mar 8, 2006
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This thread has my name written ALL OVER IT!!! BE is my most favorite store EVER!!! I could take up lots of room wiritng about all of the amazing deals that I have found there...but instead will direct you to a couple of threads here:

Lots of BE bargains mentioned in the below thread

And a ton of BE treasures in this thread also...

Sillywahine...I recently discovered Crossroads on a trip to LA and went to three locations in two days!! Loved it!!!

I have bought everything from Gap to Chanel at is always a treasure hunt! The Las Vegas location had lots of great stuff when I visited there....but secondhand can be an addictive the thrill of the hunt is dangerous!!!


Jul 23, 2011
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I wish I had frequent access to Buffalo Exchange (we have Plato's, but I live in the boonies and BE is only found in large cities). Every time I've visited the locations in Chicago, I've had really friendly SAs and found some great deals--Rebecca Taylor pants (barely flats length for me, and I have midget legs, which explained the clearance price), a Juicy jacket, a Lacoste oxford for my dad (who is...a guy of size and hard to shop for) and several nice items for resale. Crossroads is great as well, although on one occasion I had an SA tell me that they "would rather save the designer jeans for their in-store customers" (to which I replied that a buyer who can identify the jeans as late-issue True Religion Joeys in Dark Pony Express wash--one of the pairs in that day's pile--and knows that she would need to size up in this wash, deserves them more than some rand-o girl who stumbles into the store, sees them and goes TRUE RELIGION OH GEE SHINY! I bought the whole pile of jeans anyway and sold them all in fairly short order)