Anyone ship to singapore lately?

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  1. I have a bag/wristlet/bracelet set listed right now and I am still fairly new as a seller and have not ever shipped internationally. I have a buyer who has asked about shipping to singapore, she has over 150 feedback and 100% positive so I am fairly certain that she is on the up and up but I am not sure about the shipping aspect. Any recommendations, usps or some other shipping service?
  2. I have some of buyers from Singapore. Make sure you use EMS only to ship item, EMS same with USPS Global Express Mail in USA :smile:
  3. i shipped to singapore not too long ago, make sure you do express and get insurance.
  4. Make agreement about custom charge with your buyer prior ship item.
  5. just wanted to share....i bought an item recently..cost me around $ was shipped regular parcel...thankfully, i got it in one piece :smile:

    most sellers do EMS since it provides signature confirmation etc etc
  6. I have also recently shipped to Singapore. No problems. Used USPS global with insurance and signature confirmation.
  7. I ship to Singapore often, without any problems, their postal service is top notch, sometimes they receive items by 1st class mail as quickly as it takes for USPS to deliver from coast to coast US 1st class mail.
  8. I ship to Singapore also. I use USPS Global Express and have never had a problem. Also, no matter where I ship, I purchase full insurance. Good luck!