Anyone ship from UK to USA? Who do you use?

  1. Hi all

    I have to send a paddy to the States from the UK. I have looked at the Post Office and they will charge (and I am going on the weight being 2kg, just over 4lbs) at £44, but only track until parcel leaves UK! How rubbish is that! So then I look around at the usual suspects - DHL, FedEx et al, and they all have 'collect' services. Well I don't WANT collection of the parcel! This means tying me to the house all day and wagging a day off work - well, "working from home" - which I do not want to be forced to do. If I take the parcel to DHL, as an example, the rate goes from about £33 to £69!!! How does that work??:confused1::cursing:

    What do you guys do? And how much (roughly) does it cost? The cost to send the Paddy to me was $38. To go back it looks like it will be at least $60!! :cursing:

    Is this right? I hope I am wrong...

    Any and all comments/advice gratefully recieved.

    p.s. Note to mod: I've posted here as the chaps will have more idea of weight of Chloe. Move it though if you feel it necessary. Thanks. :smile:
  2. i've only ever sent balenciaga which i know are weightless in comparison to a paddy ! but i always use royal mail international signed for with enhanced compensation, yes, the tracking is a bit naff in this country, but you can also track it on the usps site when it reaches the us, i didn't realise this till someone mentioned it on another forum, i've never had any probs with it anyway.
    it usually came to around £17 to send a bbag and box, which weighs about 2lb i think
  3. Really? How would that work as they are different companies? :shrugs: Not doubting what you say, don't suppose you can recall where you saw that? :rolleyes:
  4. Yes this is true, I ship all the time to the US the tracking number you get from Royal Mail you can also use on the USPS website as they are like our Royal Mail here. You can follow the parcel right up to it being delivered. Always use RM with extra compensation and trackable.
  5. Wow thank you! Wonder why they don't say that on their website? It must put people off using RM as they state that tracking ends when package leaves UK. :shrugs:
  6. yes, they should mention it ! i sent a parcel to canada once too, and could also track it on their postal service site
  7. you can't track international signed for between it leaving the country and it arriving, but airsure you can. so i'd use airsure.
  8. Yes you are right annanas but the trouble with airsure is you do not get a signature but it is very quick I sent a package by airsure to the US a little while ago and took 4 days
  9. What is 'airsure'? Is that the name of a company?
  10. ^^
    Airsure is a Royal Mail service, have a look at and search for Airsure, gives you prices etc.
  11. Thanks Beany, will do :yes:
  12. I too use RM, though I guess the weight of a Paddy will be in the Parcel Force tarrif, and no problems with signed for, tracked deliveries all the way to whichever State has been my goal. I have investigated alternatives but never found a better option yet.
  13. i just bought a pair of jimmy choos from the UK and are being delivered to the US via Royal Mail international signed for. well, both the seller AND the royal mail website stated that shipments to the US should take about 5 business days. However, the seller sent out the item Thursday March 23. By Saturday, March 24, the royal mail website said the following:
    Your item, posted on 23/03/07 with reference RI949066038GB has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    However, its been more than a week, and I still have not received it. any ideas why? the usps website does not recognize the tracking number, and when i called them, they said it cannot be tracked until delivered. should i be worried?

    for your (and the buyer's) piece of mind, use something thats trackable
  14. Oh no! Have you contacted your seller?

    Why can't we have a reliable service, like in the States, which doesn't cost a fortune :cursing:
  15. because this is the uk and EVERYTHING costs a bloody fortune :crybaby:

    i did find that usps can take a while to catch up with the trackng , they can be a few days behind