Anyone sent to Switzerland?

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  1. I posted on my auction that I only ship inside the US however the winner of my auction is in Switzerland. Has anyone ever shipped there? I'm new to EBAY and have only shipped in the US don't want to deal with the hassle of international shipping. Any advice is appreciated! I'm thinking about offering to the next highest bidder.
  2. ^ Yes, regularly. All 1000% perfect good honest buyers so far. Mind you, I'm in Europe - but Switzerland is not an EU member (but an EEC member I think?), so it might involve some custom-taxes on the buyer's behalf. (I habitually under-declare the value on non-EU mail, but I wouldn't advise anyone else to do so.)
  3. I've also sent to Switzerland. It was a great transaction. I used USPS priority. It was not a super pricey time, and you can track ir using just the custom declaration form number. If you are sending something pricey, should consider using EMS. Goodluck!
  4. Just make sure that your buyer understands that you won't undervalue, mark as a gift and that she is responsible for all customs/VAT duties. If she is good with that then go ahead.

    I have sent there and the buyers are lovely as long as they understand upfront your rules.
  5. All my transactions to Switzerland have been perfect.
  6. I've shipped to Switzerland with no problems before. I believe their customs are very high though so they buyer needs to be aware of that...too often they try to take it out on the seller.

    However, if you're not comfortable shipping internationally, you are not obligated to do so since she violated your terms (as long as you clearly stated US only in your listing).
  7. Thank you all for your replies and advice. Her Ebay thing says she's in Switzerland but she has now emailed me asking if I can ship to Spain. Has anyone had trouble with Spain and is there a high customs rate as well? Sheesh, this is more work than it's worth.
  8. Do not ship to any other address other than what's listed on her Paypal account. Period.

    Also, I highly recommend checking the USPS customs restriction lists for each country before shipping anything:

    Different countries have different restrictions and it's better to be informed than ship something that's not allowed and have it seized. :yes:
  9. Has this buyer got a very low feedback score? If so, check what they have been buying by using goofbay
    If they are suddenly buying a lot of high end items, for example, $6,000 in two or 3 weeks, start running away from the sale very fast.

    If they have a track record of a reasonable time, then take the PayPal precautions mentioned in other postings.