anyone selling using google checkout?

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  1. Ok, So since setting up paypal and getting it confirmed and verified takes a few business day. I used my google account to list my gold miroir speedy and am using google checkout. They say there are no fees associated with using google checkout, unlike paypals 3-4%. They accept all major CCs.

    Has anyone had experience with google checkout at all?
    whats the process?
    do they deposit the funds directly into the bank account I have them, or do I need to manually go in there and withdraw and send to bank like paypal requires?

    please give me your suggestions and previous experience!

  2. I've paid w/ it and got $10 off my purchase. I recommend them on the Buyer's end, no experience using them as a Seller though.
  3. ^ same here... i've only used google checkout as a buyer. not sure how it works for selling.
  4. ^ ya, I dont have them through ebay. I just needed a way for a CC to be used for this bag im selling and im not using paypal so i put up an auction up through google base and can accept CCs through google checkout, which is fantastic.