Anyone sell drugs?

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  1. for some reason, several of my friends, both men and women, are in this field. they all have degrees, confidence, and good looks. they ALWAYS look the part- always. when my friend's wife has to go with him to the pharm parties, she goes all out to get ready bc she has to hang with 'the beautiful people'. my friends all love it- i think if the company likes you, they will train you! gl!!!
  2. I do!

  3. One of my gf's does this.

    SUPER high pressure from above. She spends tons of time driving all over to heck and back. She hates her job and is looking for new opportunity.

    Think carefully and good luck.
  4. Yeah, it's not as easy as it appears, I don't think. Plus, it is NOT immune to fluctuations in the economy. One of my closest girlfriends has had to go through rounds of nail-biting while she waits to see if after 8 years she will be one of the ones laid off next. Her company laid off something like 400 people last week alone.

    But yes - totally agree with who you know. If you're charismatic, intelligent, and attractive, you should be fine with just a foot in the door through connections.
  5. i'm a drug dealer..... but not in the sense you're referring to. i'm legally licensed!

    anyhoo, being a pharma rep is definitely hard work. you have to be lucky enough to get a fast moving drug in order to do well, and not get stuck with a bunk drug that won't move. there's a lot of driving like mentioned before, sometimes a company will compensate you for your own car, other times they will give you a car. they will always pay for food expenses and hotel/flight expenses too. it's tough walking into an MD's office at times, because sometimes they're busy or they're not interested. you'll get some smart ass MDs who like to out smart you as well, or sometimes they'll see you only to get your free samples(which isn't allowed anymore) or get a free lunch.

    you'll only have to memorize a couple drugs thoroughly, but you'll need to know your competitors as well, and also know of any published/unpublished studies regarding your drug, competitors, or drug class in general. you'll need to know what insurance companies cover your drug, and if not, what needs to be done in order to get it covered. if it's a difficult to bill drug or rarely used drug, you'll also need to know what pharmacies in the area will supply it.

    in general, there is some glamour to being a pharma rep, but it's a lot of work and knowledge too. you'll basically have to own that disease state and all professional components(MDs, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies, etc) of it in order to do well.
  6. oh man...I was hoping to get some juicy stories here!!!

  7. hmm I prescribe them! heh heh

  8. :biggrin: Thanks for the laugh! Good luck, OP!
  9. You could call the actual drug companies in your city and ask them about where they list jobs. Do they have a HR department you can call. etc. If you keep putting your name out there you'll get a call. If you dont know the names of the companies, google should help.
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