Anyone sell drugs?

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  1. If this is in the wrong subforum, Mods, please feel free to move this thread wherever.

    I'm planning on moving to another city this summer. Currently, I work for a designer brand's retail division. I enjoy my job and I like working luxury retail, but unfortunately the city I am planning on moving to does not have this kind of market. There are retail jobs, but they pay significantly less than what I earn now and it's a completely different sales atmosphere than I enjoy working in.

    I know I am very strong in sales. I am the top salesperson at my store for two years straight and I exceed my goals and bonus fairly regularly. I maintain my client relationships and my clients refer me new customers frequently. There's no doubt that I can sell.

    I'm thinking about pharmaceutical/medical sales. The idea is, I always enjoy selling what I believe in and there are a few prescription drugs I cannot live without. But from my research thus far, it seems to be a very difficult field to break into because there is not many posted opportunities and many competitive candidates.

    Do any tPFers work in pharma/medical sales? Can you share some insight on how maybe to break into the industry while relocating?

    Are there any resources you would recommend?

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    Did you REALLY have to name the thread "Anyone sell DRUGS?" lmao!

    I have no advice for you, I didnt even know there is a medicine-selling industry. I knew about being a pharmacist, but thats about it...
  3. Hey, it got your attention at least! :P

    Yeah, pharmaceuticals is a billion dollar industry. Ever wonder why your doctor prescribes one brand over another?

    That said, I don't think pushing one brand over another is necessarily a bad thing if you truly believe that what you are selling will help people and will help more people than other products on the market.

    I definitely think the industry is very interesting and I'm curious to learn what the recruitment process is like and various perspectives by those in it.
  4. I have wanted to get into this field, but there are times when I think I am stopped by not having the biology/science degree.

    Do others find that?
  5. Do you have a 4 year degree? Every Pharm Rep I've talked to said you needed a 4 year degree.
  6. ^^ Yes..agree.
  7. Yes. I have a BA in Communication Studies. When I entered college, I was an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major but I ultimately switched majors because I have serious problems with math and my college (a somewhat prestigious private university known for its Med school) only offered advanced math in an environment I couldn't keep up in. I always got excellent grades in my science classes too.
  8. Swanky's husband is in the business. Maybe PM her? She might be able to give you some advice.
  9. I have no experience with this.. but I just want to say good luck :yes: I know its very hard moving from city to city
  10. Be careful what Pharm Rep jobs you apply for. There are a lot of scams out there that take your money! My sister was having a hard time finding a job as a teacher (crazy huH!?) and applied for a Pharm Rep and it was a rip off company. So do your research first.
  11. This thread title........:lolots:
  12. Oh boy, the thread title caught my eye....

    I don't, but I would consider looking into if your state has any educational requirements to do this (besides a 4 year degree, like certification or anything).
  13. All the reps I talked to, all they said you had to have was a degree. The rest was in training. So basically, if they felt you had the sales prowess, they could train you on the technicals. Also, a lot of it is organizing other people to support the product. Physician luncheons and dinners with guest speakers on how the drugs work, etc, etc.
    Now, this was for Florida with major Pharmaceutical companies.
  14. I absolutly love the title!
  15. when i saw the title i was like "WHOA! someone must be in need of some drugs"....hehehe.

    good luck moving and getting into the field! :smile:
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