Anyone seen

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  1. this IRL. Can it fit credit card?
  2. I haven't seen it IRL but I love it!
  3. That is one of the things I wanted on the Coach site. It is probably a standard mini skinny size. It should fit credit cards.
  4. That is beautiful!!
  5. I just call two store that have it in stock and one store said it can and then next store said no it too small so i call customer service and she said its the same size as the minni skinny but the dimension are not the same. I am confused
  6. Tres cute!
  7. I'm in love with that! I just wish it wasn't so much for a skinny:sad:
  8. The measurements show it a little narrower than a regular skinny so I bet it would be VERY tight. It's so freakin' cute, though!!!
  9. My SA ordered one for me yesterday! Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week!
  10. I don't own a Mini Skinny, so I'm showing this piece with a COACH Card Case for a size reference. However, I believe this is smaller than the Mini Skinny.

    As you can see, I can put a card in the back slot, but I cannot get a card inside without bending it, because the zipper takes up room on one end. So I had to angle the card and bend it slightly. Not something I could do rushing to put things away at the register with a line of people behind me!

    COACH's description says that it will hold credit cards, bills and lipstick. Perhaps, but not necessatily at the same time!

    I really love the color, so I ordered the Legacy Slim Accordian Zip Around Wallet in the same color.

    I love the turnlock details, and it's a very cute piece to use for change.
    IMGP0981tPF.jpg IMGP0982tPF.jpg IMGP0983tPF.jpg IMGP0984tPF.jpg
  11. I love this and am going to order it too!!

  12. Gorgeous!! I didn't realize there was a wallet in this color. Are there other colors, and is this the same number as 41151? Thanks!
  13. momofgirls~~
    That was a very good question. It looks to me like it cannot hold credit cards comfortably as coachgrl has shown. That would turn me sour to it because I love beautiful things but they MUST be practical and functional as well.
  14. Yes baglady39, the wallet is style 41151. The website shows Camel, Black & Walnut. However, it's also available in Teal and Sunflower, and both colors are in stock in JAX!

    My Teal should arrive tomorrow, Thursday, and I'll post pics...